Convert iPhone photos to GIF

Since you are already here, I guess you already know what is GIF. An animated GIF file is like any other image files, such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP. You can easily add GIF images to a web page. Unlike those image files, an animated GIF is a graphic image that moves. It is actually a single file contains a set of images that are presented in a specified larger. Compared to Java slideshow, Flash animation, animated GIF is much easier to make and embed. If you have a series of photos about the same topic, you can convert the photos to a GIF, then add the single GIF file to your site or blog easily just like you insert any other image files. You can see animated GIFs in forums, websites, online stores, etc. Many forum users like to use a funny GIF as their avatar, thumbnail, signature. You can make a stunning GIF image with hot selling products as your website banner. In a related guide, we discussed how you can make animated GIF on Android phones using a free GIF maker. Today, we will show iPhone users how to transfer them iPhone photos to computer and convert the pictures to animated GIF. It is easy and a lot of fun.

Convert iPhone photos to GIF

In an earlier guide, we demonstrated how to convert iPhone videos to GIF using Tunesgo GIF Maker. Today, we will use the same GIF maker to create GIF animations from still pictures. Download this GIF creator on to your PC or Mac below.

UPDATE: the above software is discontinued, you can use this video converter toolkit which has the built-in GIF converter. You can download it on to your PC or Mac below. Or use PicGIF for Mac to convert images to GIF.

tunesgo gif maker

Install and run the TunesGo, connect up your iPhone to computer if you have not transferred photos from iPhone to computer yet, you will then see a screen like this.

Click on iPhone >> Toolkit from the left navigation panel, then click to run GIF Maker. From above screen, you can also find many other useful features of this iPhone manager software, such as backup iPhone messages to computer, import music to iPhone, import videos and photos to iPhone, merge duplicate contacts on iPhone and so on. When you clicked to run GIF Maker. This GIF creator program will open in a separate window as below.

convert pictures to gif animation

Here are the steps to convert pictures to GIF on computer:

Step 1. Add photos to GIF Maker

Click the Add button at the top left corner of the GIF maker, then browse to your iPhone Camera Roll or other photo album on your computer and load the pictures files to the GIF creator.

Step 2. Organize photos and their sequences

The image files in GIF will be displayed in a specified order or sequence. You can drag and drop an image file to change its display order in the GIF file.

Step 3. Edit GIF animation

You can change GIF file size (height and width), GIF file frame rate (image display or play speed), and choose a location or folder on your computer to save the generated file. Once you changed the GIF file settings, you can use the built-in GIF player to preview the effect and change in real time.

Step 4. Create GIF

Once you are satisfied with the GIF file after preview, you can simply click the Create GIF button generate GIF file. Open the output folder and find the created animated GIF file. You can then use it anywhere you like, your site, blog, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Now you know the simple procedure to build a GIF file using your iPhone pictures. In fact, you can use pictures or photos from other mobile phones as well, or simply any image files saved on your computer. You can convert Android phone photos to GIF, Windows phone photos to GIF and many more. Since Tunesgo is a iOS device content manager, you can’t directly import photos from other phones or devices to the GIF maker. Instead you need to firstly transfer photos from other phones to computer before adding them to the GIF maker and making animated GIF files with them.

Update Sep 2018: this article was originally published in 2016. we replaced the out-dated GIF maker with the video converter toolkit which has the built-in GIF maker.

Update Jun 2019: add the Pic to GIF converter for Mac, free app to convert photos, images, screenshots to GIF on Mac.

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