Convert iPhone videos to Samsung

Just received an iPhone video on your Samsung mobile phone and found it cannot be played? There are many different ways you can transfer files between iOS and Android devices. However the files themselves may not be compatible across different mobile OS. Apple introduced the HEIC, HEIF new image format since iOS 11 and many Android phones currently do not support it. Likewise you might also run into incompatibility issues when you play iPhone videos, especially new H.265 or HEVC videos, on an Android phone. In this quick guide, we will show you an easy way to convert iPhone videos to Samsung phone compatible file format H.264 MP4 using a professional media converter. H.264 MP4 videos are compatible with almost all Android devices as the H.264 or Advanced Video Coding (AVC) codec is currently the standard.

How to convert iPhone HEVC videos to Samsung mobile compatible format?

First of all, go to export the MOV videos from iPhone to computer via USB or using a wireless transfer tool. For instance, you can follow these steps to send videos from iPhone to computer over Wi-Fi using a free wireless transfer app.

We will use the Windows version of above media converter in this demo. You may see slight difference in appearance and settings if you are on Mac. Download the video converter program on to your PC or Mac computer below.

convert iphone mov videos to mp4 for samsung phone using video converter for windows

Drag and drop the iPhone video from your computer hard drive to the movie converter software. Then go to select the target video format you like to convert the source video to. Samsung phones can play MP4 videos which is widely compatible with virtually any smartphones. So you can choose MP4 as the output file format. You can also go to choose output format by device. To do that, click the drop-down menu besides ‘Convert all files to‘, then choose Devices >> Samsung, you will then see a list of all presets customized for various Samsung galaxy phones and tablets. Once you have selected the right file format, hit the Convert or Convert All button to starting convert iPhone videos to Samsung phone format.

The created video will be saved to the output folder of the video converter which you can find and open directly from the bottom of the converter tool.

Now connect your Samsung phone to PC/Mac via USB or Wi-Fi and copy the MP4 video to it. You should now be able to play the iPhone videos on Samsung mobile phone without any problem.

On the other end, if you can’t transfer or play a video on iPhone, you can also use this media converter to transcode the video to a file format that is compatible with your iOS device. See these steps to convert videos to iPhone format for more details.

So, now you know how to convert iPhone MOV videos, HEVC videos to H.264 MP4 for playback on Samsung or other Android devices. Pretty easy, right? Happy converting!

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