How to Convert iPhone voice memos to MP3?

iPhone has the Voice Memos app which you can use to record any voices on iPhone. Sometimes you may want to transfer and play iPhone voice memos and recordings on other devices not the one they were recorded on, such as your computer, an Android phone, etc. Is it possible to edit the voice memos after syncing to computer? Today, we will show you how to convert iPhone voice memos to MP3 files or any other audio formats you like. MP3 is a standard audio format any computer or mobile phones can play. If like, you can just convert iPhone voice memos from m4a format to any other audio formats following below instructions. Before that you will need to export voice memos from iPhone to computer or follow this guide to send voice memos from iPhone to computer through email. The two different ways can do the same thing. The former requires USB connection between your phone and computer, the later does not. The former can help bulk transfer video recordings from iPhone, even those lengthy voice recording files that are usually too big to be sent through email.
iphone voice memos app

How to Convert iPhone voice memos to MP3?

Now you have saved voice memos from iPhone to your PC or Mac. We need to download a media converter for this audio converting. We suggest Video Converter Ultimate, an all-in-one media conversion solution. It can convert videos and audios from or to iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, LG and more smartphones, tablets, TVs, players, etc. See this example to convert any movies and videos to iPhone compatible format. You can get it for free below.

The video & audio converter is extremely easy to use. Basically you need to add source files to the converter, then choose an output format within the converter, finally one-click to convert source file to the target file format. In this case, you can drag and drop iPhone voice memos from your computer to this media converter software. Then go to choose MP3 as output format. Finally click the Convert button at the bottom section of this converter to turn source iPhone voice memos from M4A files to MP3 files. The generated iPhone voice memos and recordings in MP3 format can be found in the output folder of this converter.

convert iphone voice memos recordings to mp3

From the bottom section of this media converter, you can also find a very useful feature to merge media files. It can help you easily merge multiple iPhone voice memos into one file.

iPhone voice memos is a very handy audio recorder. You can use it in a class, meeting, interview, speech, etc. Another fun way to make use of it is to convert voice memos and recordings to iPhone ringtones.