How to Convert iPhone voice memos to MP3?

iPhone has the Voice Memos app which you can use to record any voices on iPhone. Sometimes you may want to transfer and play iPhone voice memos and recordings on other devices not the one they were recorded on, such as your computer, an Android phone, etc. Is it possible to edit the voice memos after syncing to computer? Today, we will show you how to convert iPhone voice memos to MP3 files or any other audio formats you like.

Send voice memos from iPhone to PC

MP3 is a standard audio format any computer or mobile phones can play. If like, you can just convert iPhone voice memos from m4a format to any other audio formats following below instructions. Before that you will need to export voice memos from iPhone to computer. For example, you can simply send voice memos from iPhone to your computer through email or iCloud. Select voice memos or recordings in the Voice Memos app, tap the Share icon, then you will see a list of apps that you can send the voice memo to, such as AirDrop, Messages, Mail, WhatsApp, Files and other apps.

Choose Mail, then attach voice memos to an email, send it to yourself, go to access this email from your computer to download them.

When you like to access your voice memos from a PC, go to iPhone Settings > iCloud, make sure to turn on iCloud Drive if not yet. Open the Voice Memos app, select the recordings you like to transfer, then tap Share, select Save to Files from Share, choose iCloud Drive. Select a folder and tap Save to upload voice memos, audio recordings from iPhone to iCloud Drive. Now visit using a desktop browser to download iPhone voice memos from iCloud to your computer.

download phone voice memos, sound recordings from icloud drive to computer through web browser

How to Convert iPhone voice memos to MP3?

Now you have saved voice memos from iPhone to your PC or Mac. We need to download a media converter for this audio converting.

There are many desktop audio converters can convert iPhone voice memos or M4A files to MP3, WMV, OGG or other audio formats, such as Audacity and VLC Media Player.

Both tools are free and come with the ability to convert iPhone voice memos to MP3 files on computer. If you need to play audio and video files, and occasionally stream or convert media files, then VLC is the better choice. If you need to record, edit, and enhance audio files, or advanced audio editing tools, then Audacity is better. Audacity is a powerful audio editing tool that allows users to edit and manipulate audio files. It can also be used for converting between different audio formats. Here we will use Audacity to show you how to convert iPhone audio recordings from m4a format to MP3 on a Windows PC.

The audio editor is extremely easy to use. Basically you need to open source files in the converter, then choose an output format and convert source file to the target file format.

Launch Audacity and click Open from the menu bar, select iPhone voice memo or sound recording file to open it in Audacity. Then click File > Export, choose Export as MP3 or other output format you like, such as WAV, OGG or else, then select a file name, location and save it to your computer.

audacity for windows to export audio to computer

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