Convert .mobi to .epub books on Mac

Want to read an ebook in .mobi format on your Mac, iPhone or iPad? The stock Books can’t open mobi ebooks. You will have to use a third-party ebook reader or convert the ebook from .mobi to .epub format or other compatible format. We highly recommend Calibre ebook converter which can help us easily convert ebooks for iPhone iPad and Mac. For example, it can help us convert Mobi books to iPhone iPad, convert ePubs for iPhone, etc. Today, we will use Calibre for Mac to convert mobi books to epub format so you can open and read the ebooks on your Mac and iOS devices using the stock Books app.

About the free ebook converter

You can download the free ebook converter here. It runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS Systems. Choose the Mac version. Here is a short list of its main features:

  • Library Management
  • Ebook Conversion
  • Syncing to Ebook Reader Devices
  • Downloading News from the Web and Converting it into Ebook Form
  • Comprehensive Ebook Viewer
  • Content Server for Online Access to Your Book Collection
  • Calibre does much more than converting your book to EPUB format for different readers such as iPhone, iPad, Sony Reader, etc.
calibre book converter for Mac
calibre book converter for Mac

Convert mobi to epub ebook format on Mac

Find the ebooks in .mobi format in Finder on your Mac. Right click on it, then choose Open with > Calibre. Or you can run the ebook converter, then hit Add books button at the top left corner, browse to the location where the mobi books are saved and import them to the converter.

Click Convert books button from the top toolbar in Calibre to open the Convert screen. Choose a Mac/iOS compatible ebook format from the box next to Output format. The converter support many different formats, EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, PDF, LIT, PDB, TXT, FB2, TCR, or LRF, and so on. We recommend EPUB for Apple devices.

Convert .mobi to .epub book using calibre on Mac

Optionally customize the ebook metadata, look, page, structure and other aspects of it. For instance, you can click the Metadata from the left pane, then change book cover image, title, author, author sort, publisher, tags, series, description, etc. Hit the OK button at the bottom right corner to convert the mobi books to epub format. You will be taken to the main screen of the book converter app. At the lower section of the right column, you can find Authors, Formats, Path and Description. Hit the Click to open link besides Path to open the folder where the ePub books are saved in Finder.

Transfer ePub books from Mac to iPhone iPad

If you want to read the books on your iOS device as well, you can simply send them from your computer to iPhone or iPad using AirDrop, the built-in utility that lets Macs and iOS users share content, like photos, videos, documents, books, and so on, from apps like Photos, Safari, Contacts, and more.

Alternatively you can also make use of the Content Server feature with Calibre to transfer books from Calibre to iPhone iPad over WiFi.

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