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Do you have videos in .MOV, .FLV or other file extensions want to convert to .mp4 files? Do you want to know why some .mp4 files can be played in your device or player, but not other files also in .mp4 format? Today, we will talk about MP4 video conversion. MP4 is so popular video type you can’t ignore as so many different players, mobile phones, tablets and many other consumer electronics devices accept it. MP4 is also a very common video format on the Internet. For example, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and many other main video sharing and hosting sites all support MP4 videos. See how to convert videos to Facebook, and this guide to convert videos to YouTube. If you want to troubleshooting video incompatibility issues, you will find by converting incompatible videos to MP4 can help you resolve most of these issues. And it is not difficult to accomplish. With the right tool, anyone can convert almost any videos in other codec and format to MP4 codec and format properly?
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MP4 Codec vs MP4 Container vs MP4 Format

Well, this is really confusing. Many people do not understand the differences between them. In real life, when people say they want a MP4 file, you can not really know they want like as it can mean a file with .mp4 file extension, it can be a video file encoded in the H.264 codec or many other codes such as MPEG-2 Part 2, MPEG-4 ASP, H.263, VC-1, and sometimes it could be a combination of them. The MP4 file extension is a video container, sometimes also called wrappers, it is like a box which you can use to package virtually many anything you like. Except the video files contained in the MP4 container, you may also find audio files, subtitles if any. When you play a video on your device or players, your video player first demuxes the stream, it reads the container format and separates audio, video, and subtitles. A codec is the method used to encode the video. Codecs are the most important and least understood element of digital video. Many container formats is able to hold many different codecs. The video quality is up to the codec used. The video incompatiblity issues can be caused by the imcompatible video codec or container, or both. To properly describe a video, we need to specify both video codec and container, however amateurs may find it is really hard to understand all these technicial stuff, software companies may want to simplify this issue in the documentation and instructions. Thus many people would just say “I have an MP4 file” which seems to be meaningless.

In this guide, we will not try to explain these technicial issues in details. In fact for amateurs why should we spend the effort to learn this technology if what we want is just to fix some video not supported error on our mobile phone, computer. If you cannot play a video or your video cannot be supported by your device or player, you can realize it could probably be a video container format or codec issue and you know how to fix the issue, that you are good to go.

How to Convert Videos to MP4?

If you want to convert videos in any format or codec to MP4 format and codec properly for different players, mobile phones, tablets, PC, Mac or other consumer electronics devices, you can refer to following instructions. If you found a video in MP4 file is supposed to be playable on your device and still the video incompatible error occurs, you can also follow below instructions to convert your videos to MP4 files properly. There are many video conversion tools can help you convert MP4 videos or convert other videos to MP4. But we find this video converting tool is extremely easy to use and powerful. It is designed with both beginners and pros in mind, so anyone may find it is helpful. You can download this video converter software for free from below links.

Run the video converter on your PC computer, you will get a screen like below. Note that if you are on a Mac, download the video converter for Mac above and you may expect to find slight difference in appearance and features from the video converter for Windows.
convert videos to mp4 properly
Click the Add Files button on the top left corner of this video tool, you will then be able to load your video sources into the video converter. After that you can see a video list in the main section of the video converter program. Target video format or codec can be selected from the top column of the program. In this case, we will select MP4 as the output video type. Once you have select MP4 as the output format, you will see the details being displayed below the MP4 icon, in this case, they are:

  • Format: MP4
  • Video Codec: H264
  • Audio Codec: AAC

MP4 videos are based on the H.264 standard, they are most commonly used in the creation of standard definition digital video. So you can expect this video profile (format, codec) to be working for a wide range of devices and players. Click the Convert button in blue from the bottom right corner, your source videos will be converted into MP4 format and H264 video codec. The created MP4 video will be saved to the output folder of this video converter. You can click the Open Folder button from the bottom of the video conversion software to find it and transfer the output MP4 video to any of your mobile devices from there.

Extra MP4 Video Converting Tips

We simply showed you the easy steps to convert any videos to MP4 format and codec above. But if you want to play the MP4 video on a mobile phone other than your desktop computer, or if you want to publish MP4 video to websites, most likely you may want to customize or edit the video for better display. Video resolution is a very important factor you should consider when you have small size screen or display. For example, you do not need a 1080P HD video on your smartphone as it may take you too much storage space. Instead you can convert it to a smaller size, such as 360P, 480P. To change video resolution and reduce your video size, go to the Settings menu, then choose the resolution you need. See below screenshot.

video resolution settings

If you want to convert video to a specific mobile phone or tablet, the video converter has built-in video profiles for a wide range of devices or mobile phones you can choose from, such as Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple TV), LG phones, HTC phones, Samsung tablets and phones, Motorola phones, Blackberry, Sony phones, TV from Samsung/Sony, LG/Panasonic, and so on. That’s to say you can choose video formats either from the Format or Device tabs. Video profiles under the Device tab is optimized for specific electronics devices. They are not only easy to use during the video conversion process but also offer you the best output videos for the playback on your target players and devices. To help you better understand the issue, you can refer to this guide to convert videos to iPhone, convert videos to Samsung smartphones. If you want to play videos on 4K Ultra HD TV sets, you can refer to the instructions to convert 4K videos.

choose video format by device


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