Convert several images into a PDF using Preview on Mac

Preview is the default image and document viewer on Mac. We can use it to open, view and even convert many different image and document types. In an earlier post, we discussed how to convert PDF to GIF using Preview on Mac via the Export option. In this quick guide, you’ll learn how different methods to convert images, such as PNG, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, to PDF on Mac using the Preview app which is bundled with the Mac OS.

Before we dive into the details to combine and convert two or more pictures or photos into a single PDF using Preview, let take a quick look at howe we can convert one image into one PDF in Preview.

Convert an image to a PDF in Preview

This can be done very easily in just several clicks. Find the image file in Finder, double click to open it in Preview.

Then go to the File > Export as PDF, the Save As dialog pops up where you can choose a file name, select a location and folder, then hit the Save button to export the selected image as PDF file on your Mac.

Convert several images into a PDF using Preview on Mac

Is it possible to select and convert multiple images into a single PDF file using Preview on Mac?

Method 1. Convert multiple images into a PDF – via Inserting page to PDF

Converting the first image to PDF using the method above, then open the PDF file in Preview. Go to Edit > Insert > Page from File…, choose the rest image files and insert them as pages into the PDF file. Finally go to save the PDF file.

Alternatively you can simply drag and drop additional images from Finder to the thumbnails panel at the left side of the Preview, similarly to how you merge multiple PDF files in Preview on Mac.

Method 2. Convert multiple images into a PDF – via Print

This is kind of a little known secret as many Mac users don’t know they can convert several images into a single PDF document using Preview on Mac. So many people think you need Adobe Acrobat to join two or more images and convert to PDF.

The option to make a PDF from a series of still images, photos, pictures using Preview is hidden behind the Print option. It is easier than you may think once you learn how to use it. Check out details below.

Open Finder, browse to the folder where all the images you like to combine and convert are saved, then select all the pictures through drag-n-drop, Command+click or Shift+click. Press the Control key then click or right click on one of the chosen pictures above, choose Open from the context menu, this should open all selected images in the same window in Preview.

If you get different Preview windows for different photos or pictures when opening multiple image files at the same time, go to Preview > Preferences > Images, enable the option Open all files in one window, or Open groups of files in the same window, other than Open each file in its own window.

In Preview, you can find image thumbnails at the left sidebar. If not, go to View > Thumbnails to enable the thumbnails view panel or the left sidebar.

Drag the image thumbnails to arrange them in the right order from the left sidebar.

Click the File from the top menu bar to expand the long drop-down menu. Do Not choose Export as PDF…., but Print… from the bottom of the menu.

Convert multiple images into a PDF in Preview Mac - via Print > Save as PDF

Click the down arrow besides PDF to expand the drop-down menu and choose Save as PDF in this Print dialog. The Save As dialog pops up with various options you can customise. For instance, you can give the new PDF a name, choose a location to save it, add title/author/subject/keywords, and set password protection. Finally click Save button at the bottom when you’re done.

Images to PDF converting extra tips

Except the methods mentioned above, you have other free options to convert several photos or pictures into one PDF file on Mac. For example, you can follow these steps to make PDF from several images using the Quick Action on Mac.

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