How to convert music to ringtones on iPhone using GarageBand?

Looking for a iPhone ringtone maker? GarageBand is the free app for iPhone iPad iPod touch users to record voice, play touch instruments, create music. You can use it to make ringtones on iPhone for free. If you are still searching for a ringtone creator for iPhone, your search should stop here. In the previous linked article, we have showed you how to record any voice or sound and convert them to ringtones for iPhone. If interested, you can go back and check out the details from there. Today, we will share another useful feature of this free GarageBand app, converting music to ringtones for iPhone. Go to search and download it from App Store first if you can’t find it on your mobile phone. It is developed by Apple and available for iOS users and Mac OS X users for free.

How to convert music to iPhone ringtones using GarageBand?

Run this GarageBand music maker app on iPhone. If it is the first time you open it, you should see the My Songs screen opens by default.

garageband songs management on iphone

Tap to create a new song from there. You will see the instruments browser where you can see all kinds of instruments, such as piano, guitar and many more. Slide to left or right and find the Audio Recorder. We will use its audio recorder tool to turn music on our iPhone into ringtones.

free audio recorder on iphone - garageband instruments

The GarageBand Audio Recorder home screen opens like below. You can record any sound or voice on iPhone and convert them to ringtone from here. In this demo, we are going to convert songs to ringtones for iPhone. So we will skip the audio recording part, please read on.

audio recorder in garageband for iphone

From the home screen of the Audio Recorder, touch the Track Viewer button from the top left section, you will be taken to a screen like this.

audio recorder track viewer in garageband on iphone

Now tap the Loop icon which is besides the Gear Settings icon at the top right corner of the Audio Recoder in GarageBand for iPhone. Now you should see different tabs where you can add Apple Loops, existing audio ailes and music songs to the Audio Recorder. Switch to the Music tab and choose Songs from the list.

import music to garageband on iphone

Now you can pick up any songs on your iPhone and add them to the Audio Recorder which is also the ringtone maker on iPhone. To import a song to GarageBand, you can simply long press on it. Protected songs and songs not stored locally on your iPhone can not be imported. If your songs are stored on computer, you can refer to this guide to import songs from computer to iPhone iPad iPod.

import song to garageband on iphone

When a song or songs added to GarageBand, you can optionally edit these audio clips in the Audio Recorder. For example, you can cut, copy, loop, split the music tracks to maker more professional ringtones for iPhone. Check out this guide to record sound on iPhone using GarageBand, we have shared some useful tips and tricks to edit audio tracks in GarageBand on iPhone from that article. When you finished editing, you can play the music until you are satisfied with the editing. After that click the down triangle button from the top left corner and choose My Songs from the drop-down menu to save the music in GarageBand.

garageband audio recorder tracks viewer and editor on iphone

Now we come to the last step to convert music to ringtone on iPhone. From the My Songs management page in GarageBand, select the music you have added and edited from the Audio Recorder. Tap the Share button from the top left corner, a drop-down menu shows up with all available options you can transfer, share or post the selected music. Choose Ringtones from there and follow on-screen tips to convert songs to ringtones on iPhone and activate it as the standard ringtone or text tone on iPhone.

make ringtone on iphone for free using garageband

If you need more help with this, you can scroll up to the first paragraph of this article, and click the linked guide to make ringtone for iPhone using GarageBand. That article has all the details about how you can export audios, sound and music as ringtones from GarageBand to iPhone. Since GarageBand can directly import and activate ringtones on iPhone, you no longer need to sync the ringtones to iPhone via iTunes, unlike any other third party ringtone makers you can find in App Store.