How to convert PDF to PowerPoint?

Both PDF and PowerPoint can be used for presentations. It is hard to say which is the better format for presentation. Each has strengths and weaknesses. Generally speaking you do not have to convert them from one format to the other. Sometimes you may need to edit the PDF file, or you are more comfortable with PowerPoint, converting PDF to PowerPoint is a good idea in such cases. Here we will share with you an easy way to turn PDF into PowerPoint presentation using a third-party PDF converter, called PDF Element, on computer.

How to convert PDF to PowerPoint?

There are two methods you can convert PDF files to PowerPoint slides using this tool. Run the PDF converter on your Windows PC or Mac. You will find different tools to edit PDF, convert PDF, create PDF, combine PDF, etc. See below screenshot.

pdf element editor pro for windows home

Click Convert PDF from its home screen, then find and open the source PDF document. After that choose a folder and give the Word file a new name, and save the PDF as Word document. This is the easiest way you can convert a PDF file to Word document on your computer.

How can I convert multiple PDF files to Word?

If you have many PDF files want to convert, it would be tedious to select and convert them one by one. Luckily, the above PDF editor and converter has the batch process ability. Choose Batch Process from its home interface. You will get a pop-up window where you can add all your PDF files, select PowerPoint PPTX or PowerPoint PPT as the output format, finally convert all added PDF documents to PowerPoint presentations in one go.

batch convert multiple pdf to powerpoint using pdf element converter on windows pc