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PDF and Word are two of the most popular document formats that are widely used in business. The latest MS Office Word has the built-in function to allow its users to export Word document as PDF files. For example you can convert Word document to PDF on Android mobile phones. However it is not the same story on the other way around. If you have some PDF files and want to convert them into WORD files, you have to use professional third party software. In this file format conversion guide, we will introduce a PDF to Word converter and the steps to convert PDF to Word on Mac computer.

PDF Element, PDF to editor & converter, is the only PDF tool you will need. This document product supports converting PDF files to Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format documents and more files.If you are using a Windows computer, please visit this tutorial to convert PDF to Word on PC. In this guide, we will use the PDF converter Mac version to show you how to convert PDF to Word documents on Mac.

How to Convert PDF to Word document on Mac?

The PDF editor is very easy and intuitive to use. You can start using it when you launch the software. No learning curve required. Basically you import source PDF files into this converter software on your computer, then choose Word document as the output format, optionally choose a output folder on your Mac to save the converted files and specify the pages, page range you like to convert, after that click the Convert button to instantly convert PDF to Word documents in fast speed. When the conversion finished, open the output folder you have selected from Finder and you can find all converted Word documents there.

Step 1. Add PDF files to PDF Converter

Run the PDF editor on Mac. You will see its home screen like below. From the main interface, you can see it can help users edit PDF, convert PDF, create PDF and combine PDF files.

PDF editor pdf element for mac

Click Convert PDF to enter the PDF converting mode as below. Click Add Files button from the top left corner to browse to PDF files on your computer hard disk and import them to the PDF editor software. If you have to convert multiple or many PDF files into Word document, this PDF converter is a great help. You can import up multiple PDF files for one batch conversion with this PDF to Word converter for Mac.

convert pdf to word on mac

Step 2. Select Word as output file format

Once the source PDF files added, you need to choose the target file format from the top right corner. Choose Word (.docx) in this case as we are going to convert PDF to Word document in this guide.

Step 3. Select pages, page range to convert.

By default all pages in the PDF files will be selected and converted. You can also specify any page, pages, or page range to convert. This is very useful when you only want to convert part of the PDF files to Word, other then converting all PDF pages to Word documents.

Step 4. Convert PDF to Word

Click the Convert button to start the conversion from PDF to Word on your Mac OS X.

Update Apr 2019: removed out-dated content and updated the link to the PDF editor for Mac.

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