Convert photos from HEIC to JPG using Files app on iPhone

Recent iPhone models that are powered by iOS 11 will save your photos in the new HEIC file format so as to save your storage space. This change however brings some complications at the same time. For example, when you send the HEIC photos to Android phones, Windows computers, even earlier iOS devices and Macs, you’ll not be able to view the HEIC files. To prevent the HEIC compatibility problems and take advantage of the new photo/video compression technology, Apple has built in native HEIC converter to automatically convert HEIC photos to JPG, JPEG files. You can refer to this guide to transfer iPhone photos to computer as HEIC or JPEG files by changing the iPhone transfer to Mac or PC setting. And the conversion happens during the photo export process. When you insert an iPhone photo to an email through the default Mail app, it will be converted into JPEG image format automatically so the recipient can always display your iPhone photo on their devices and computers. Similarly attaching HEIC pictures to the stock Notes app will convert them to JPEG file format.

Today we will show you how to convert HEIC photos to JPG on iPhone without any third-party image converters. And you save the trip to transfer your iPhone photos to computer or send them to yourself through email.

File browser is a default app with Android phones for years. Many iOS users have been waiting for an iOS file manager for a long time. Apple added the Files app in iOS 11, a really welcome feature. Currently it provides very basic functionalities. If you are looking for a native way to convert iPhone HEIC photos, the stock Files app serves the purpose well.

Open the Photos app on iPhone, tap Select, then choose photos. Tap the Share button, you’ll see a pop-up dialogue at the bottom. Swipe left to display more options. Touch ‘Save to Files‘ and select a folder to save iPhone photos. The selected HEIC photos will be automatically converted to JPG.

Go to send, share or upload the iPhone photos now in JPG file format from the Files app on iPhone. If like, you can also save a copy of the JPG files back to the Photos app or your Camera roll. To do that, find the JPG photos in Files app, choose to share them and select ‘Save Image’ option to copy them from Files app to the Photos app on iPhone.

Convert iPhone photos to PNG, JPG, TIFF

The Files app converts HEIC to JPG files on iPhone. If you need to change the iPhone photos to other formats, you will need to use a third party image converter or editor app. See this tutorial to convert pictures, photos to PNG, JPG, TIFF on iPhone.