Convert scanned PDF, documents, images to text

rsion of images of typed, handwritten or printed text into machine-encoded text. See this link for more details of this technology. An OCR software allows you to convert scanned PDF to word or text. After the conversion of file format, you can turn readable PDF files which are usually scanned PDF docs in to editable Word document or text. Thanks to the OCR technology, it is not only PDF to text, PDF to Word made available, but also images to text, screenshots to text. In fact, the camera becomes a very popular way for people to save information on the mobile phone. More and more people use the Camera on the mobile phone to take a picture of various files and documents, or take a screenshot on their phones to quickly save them. With OCR technology, you can easily transform these pictures, photos, screenshots from image formats to editable text.

How to convert photos, pictures, images, screenshots and scanned docs to text?

You will need a OCR converter software in order to convert scanned paper documents and images to editable files in DOC, PDF, TXT formats. PDF Element is one of the most popular PDF converter and editor with advanced OCR technology. You can download the free trial version of this software on to your PC or Mac first.

To convert scanned files and documents or images to editable text files or edit text in a scanned document or PDF is easy. In an earlier guide, we already demonstrated how you can edit text in PDF documents. To edit text in scanned PDF, extract text from photos, images, pictures or screenshots requires just one extra step, performing OCR. Check out the details below.

Step 1. Add pictures, scanned PDF, documents to the converter

Open the folder where the scanned PDF, scanned paper docs, images or screenshots are saved. Run the above PDF editor on your computer. Drag and drop the scanned PDF, scanned paper docs, images or screenshots from its folder to the editor program.

Step 2. Perform OCR on scanned PDF, documents, images

When a scanned PDF, scanned paper documents, screenshot, picture, photo or image has been added to the converter tool, you will see a screen like below. To perform OCR on scanned pdf, documents, images and make text in them editable, simply click the OCR button from the top toolbar, or click the Perform OCR button which is just above the document edit and preview window.

perform ocr on scanned pdf, documents, images using pdfelement

Step 3. Edit text from images, scanned PDF, documents

when the OCR performing finishes, you will be able to edit text in the scanned PDF, documents, images, photo or picture, just like how you can edit text in PDF file as shown in previous linked article. You can save the the edited text as a new file, copy and paste the text from scanned PDF, documents, images, photo or picture to another file or document, edit them with other compatible text editor, Word, etc.

Convert scanned PDF, images to text on mobile phones

Other than using a OCR enabled software on your desktop, you can also choose a OCR scanner app for iPhone or Android to perform OCR and extract text from PDF and even pictures. Scanner Pro for iOS is the best of its kind, you can refer to this guide to convert PDF and images to text on iPhone using this easy-to-use yet powerful scanner app.

Update Nov 2017: the image to text conversion solution for iPhone as added.