Convert & Transfer videos, music from computer to iPhone iPad

Video Converter is getting better with the new Transfer feature. We recommend all users upgrade to the latest version to get the new features. In order to play those not supported media files on an iPhone or iPad, we had to convert the videos to iPhone supported format on computer first before we transfer them to iPhone. Now you just need to drop any music, movies or videos to the transfer portal, the video converter will automatically recognize the added files and convert them to iPhone acceptable format on the fly automatically. If your media files are already in iPhone friendly format, they will be directly copied to iPhone through USB. Check out more details below.

Convert & Transfer videos, music computer to iPhone iPad

Connect your iOS device to computer via USB. Run the video converter on your computer. Switch from the Convert tab which opens by default to the Transfer tab. Click Add Files to pick up the media files you want to send from your computer to iOS device. Then hit the Transfer All files at the bottom right corner to transfer them over from PC or Mac to iPhone or iPad. The video converter will automatically detect and convert any incompatible video and audio files before importing them to iPhone iPad.

convert, transfer audios, videos to iphone using video converter for pc

Videos will be imported to the Videos app on iPhone iPad, music songs will be added to the Music app on iOS device.

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