A free tool to convert video to audio or MP3 on PC

Wondering you can convert a video to an audio in MP3, WAV, WMA, M4A, AAC, OGG format? You don’t have to pay for a premium media converter program. There are several free media players have the feature, such as QuickTime Player for Mac, iMovie for Mac, Windows Movie Maker, VLC media player, etc. You don’t have to download any additional software if your computer already has one of these players installed. We will point you to the right tutorials about how to extract music, audio from movies or videos using these free software tools at the lower section of this post. Today, we’d like to share with you another great media tool which can also help us easily extract music from videos.

About Format Factory

Format Factory is a free, comprehensive multimedia file converter software for personal or commercial use. It allows users to edit, convert all kinds of video, audio, image on Windows computer. Find more features and download Format Factory here.

Step-by-step to convert video to audio (MP3)

Download and install the media converter and editor for Windows from previous linked page.

Fire up the program, click Audio from its left panel to expand the list of all audio tools, such as Audio Joiner, Splitter, Mix, MP3 converter, WMA converter, APE converter, FLAC converter, DTS converter, M4A converter, AAC converter, AC3 converter, MMF converter, AMR converter, M4R converter, OGG converter, WAV converter, WavPack converter, and MP2 converter. I choose MP3 converter here for greater compatibility across various platforms. You can play audios or music in MP3 format on almost every phones, tablets and media players.

Format Factory mp3 audio converter for windows

After that, click Add Files to find the original video files from your computer into the program.

Format Factory mp3 audio converter for windows - output settings and file manager

Here you can head to Output Settings to change audio quality, sample rate, bitrate, audio channel, volume control, VBR, fade in, fade out, etc. Change a different output folder from the bottom left corner if need. If the video is very long, you can click Divide button to split it into several parts; if you only need to extract audio or music from a specific portion of the video, click Clip to play the video or movie, select start and end time, so instead of converting the whole video, you can choose to convert part of the video into audio file. Hit OK button when you are done with the settings and return to the home interface of the MP3 converter. Scroll up to the first screenshot, you should now see the added video files on the right hand side. Click Start button to start processing all the tasks. All files in the list will be converted to music or audio. Wait for a while if you have add multiple videos to rip.

Other free tools to extract audio from videos

Format Factory doesn’t come with a Mac version yet. You can use QuickTime player to extract music from video instead. VLC player is another great free software we can use to rip audios from videos, movies on computer.

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