Convert Videos to Black and White in Filmora

When you shoot videos in color using digital camera, mobile phone cameras or other devices, can you convert color video to black and white? Although it is old-fashioned which can only see in old movies, by converting videos to black-and-white can sometimes create a special visual effect. You can also mix B/W or B&W videos with full color videos in the same footage. It could be interesting and fun to share black and white videos with your friends or in social network sites. For instance, you can upload them to Youtube, Vimeo, or upload the videos to WeChat Moments to share with your friends and family. In this article, we will show you different ways to convert videos to black and white by desaturating or adding filters.

You need to use a video editor software to create black and white videos. We recommend Filmora. It comes with both free and full versions. You can download the free trial version with limited features before we use it to convert videos to blank and white on PC or Mac below.

How to Desaturate video and get black-and-white video?

By desaturating you can remove the color from images and videos. To do that, run Filmora, add source video to the Media Library of the video editor, then drag it to the timeline.

filmora edit video

Click on the Edit icon above the video timeline, you will open the options to edit video and audio. You can find options such as Rotate, Contrast, Saturation, Brightness, Hue, Enhance, Speed, etc. See also this guide to rotate videos on computer using this video editor.

convert videos to black and white through saturation adjustment in filmora

You can simply drag the Saturation slider all the way to the left to desaturate the color in the entire video clip. Colors in the whole video will be removed. Go to export the video you will get a black and white video.

If you like to convert only part of the video into black and white, you need to split the video first. Right click on the video in the Timeline, select Split, the video will be split into two parts. Then select the video fragment and follow above steps to turn it into B&W. Alternatively you can also follow below instructions to add a black-white filter to any section of the video.

How to Convert videos to black and white video by adding filters?

Filters can quickly create all kinds of visual effects. Select Filters in the middle of this video editor, then choose Black & White from the categories. Select a B/W filter, drag it to the Filters track on the Timeline. The Filters track is located right under the Video track and above the Overlays track.

convert videos to black and white by adding filters

You can drag the Black and White filter to left or right in the timeline to any section of the video which you like to turn it into black-and-white. You can mouse on the starting or ending point of the black and white filter to show the slider, click on the slider you can adjust its range or length of the black and white video or selection. On the top right corner, you have the built-in video player which you can use to preview the video in black and white mode. If you are satisfied with the change, go to export the video to your computer hard drive, transfer to your mobile phone, burn it to DVD, copy to Flash drive, play on TV, etc.

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