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Facebook is a great place to share videos. It is a great alternative to YouTube videos and Vimeo videos sharing. It is a great way to keep connected with your family and friends by sharing interesting or important videos on Facebook. Sometimes you may have recorded videos of your child and you want to share these happy memonts with other family members who are living in other cities. Sometimes you may have recorded some funny videos using your mobile phone and want to share with your best friends on Facebook. You can easily post videos from cellphones to Facebook or upload videos to Facebook from a PC or Mac computer as long as the video format is Facebook compatible. To help those who have trouble publishing videos to Facebook, we will introduce the Facebook video formats so you willknow what kind of videos can be accepted and played on Facebook. If you found you have incompatible videos with Facebook, do not worry, we will also share with you a Facebook video converter so you can virtually convert any videos you have to Facebook compatible video format.

What are the Facebook compatible video formats?

Facebook is the world’s largest online social network. It supports sharing video in many different formats. Normally you do not need to worry about video compatibility issue as most of your videos should be accepted by Facebook.
Facebook video formats

  • Mobile Phone Videos (*.3g2, *.3gp, *.3gpp)
  • Ogg Format (*.ogm)
  • AVI Videos (*.avi)
  • Flash Videos (*.flv)
  • MPEG Videos (*.mpeg, *.mpe. *.mpg)
  • MPEG-4 Videos (*.m4v, *.mp4, *.mpeg4)
  • Apple QuickTime Movies (*.mov, *.qt)
  • DVD Videos (*.vob)
  • Windows Media Videos (*.wmv)
  • Windows Media Videos (*.asf)
  • Matroska Format (*.mkv)
  • Nullsoft Videos (*.nsv)

If you can’t upload your videos to Facebook, most likely they are in incompatible formats. In this case, you need to use a Facebook video converter to convert the videos from one format to Facebook video format.

How to Convert Videos to Facebook?

There are many video converters on the market. But none of them are so easy and powerful as this Video Converter Ultimate. You can download the video converter for PC or Mac for free below. Note that this is a desktop video converter, so many sure to download it on to your PC or Mac other than your smartphone. If you have videos on mobile phones want to convert to Facebook videos, you can export the videos from your phone to computer at first.

This video converter is extremely easy to use. Basically there will be merely three steps to convert videos for Facebook sharing and playback: 1) add source videos to the Facebook video converter; 2) select output video format for Facebook; 3) convert source video to the selected output video profile and format. There is no learning curve required. As long as you installed the video converter, you can start using it right away. Note that the following instructions can also be applied to Youtube video converting, Vimeo video converting as well.

Step 1. Add videos to the video converter

Videos can be added from the Add Files option on the top left corner of the video converter for Facbook video conversion. Alternatively you can simply drag and drop the videos from your media library or video album to this video converter software. This can also add your source videos to the converter program.

convert videos to facebook format

Step 2. Select Facebook video format in the video converter

Now you need to select an output video format which is Facebook compatible within this video converter tool. You can select one of the many Facebook video formats as listed in the upper section of this guide. This video converter has optimized video profile for Facebook, so you do not have to find out which format or codec is compatible with Facebook. The easist way to choose Facebook video format in the video converter is to go to the Video Formats section on the right, then choose Web video, you will then find a video profile named Facebook video which is specially customized for Facebook users. See below screenshot.

select facebook video format

Note: this is an all-in-one video converter. Other than Facebook, it has video profiles for YouTube, Vimeo as well. Not only the web videos, but also many mobile phones videos, TV movies can be converted using this tool. For example, you can use it to convert videos to iPhone, Sony PS, or convert videos for 4K TV sets.

Step 3. Convert videos to Facebook video format

Finally we are at the last step to convert videos to Facebook format. You can hit the Convert button in blue to get your videos converted to Facebook format. Then you can open the output folder on your computer to find the generated video. You can upload it from your computer to Facebook. However sometimes you may want to edit your source videos for the best display or visual experience on Facebook. Check out following tips for more.

Facebook Video Converting & Editing Tips

Convert videos from Facebook incompatible to Facebook compatible format is just one aspect when you want to upload and share videos on Facebook. Sometimes you may also need to slight edit your videos for best display on FB. For example, if the source videos is too large, you may need to reduce the resolutions. For example if you have 4K videos, you can compress the 4K Ultra HD videos before publishing to Facebook. Many devices nowadays can capture HD, Full HD, or Ultra HD videos, for example you can record 4K videos on Google Nexus or Samsung Galaxy phones. These videos are usually too large to be shared across the web. Thus you need to use this video converter to reduce the video size as well. You can reduce the video resolutions from the Settings option. You can find it right above the convert button. You can change video resolutions other than keep source resolutions unchanged from there. Meanwhile you can change the video quality from High to Standard or change it to small size so you can quickly publish the videos online.

Suggested Video Resolutions for Facebook:

You do not have to set video resolution to any fixed width/height. However for better visual experience and fast uploading to Facebook. You may consider one of these video dimensions. Large video resolution for Facebook 1280*720p; medium video resolution for Facebook 854*480p, small video resolution for Facebook 640*360p.

Sometimes you may want to edit the source videos. For example if the video is too long you may like to trim the video and upload only part of the source video to Facebook. Go to the Edit option which can be found besides each video added to the video converter. From there you can trim videos, rotate videos, crop videos, change aspect ratios, add subtitle, add watermark, apply special effect to make your video more compelling, etc.


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