Convert Videos to FCP on Mac

final cut proApple FCP (Final Cut Pro) is one of the most popular video editing software in the world. FCP 7 and FCP X are the two main versions of Final Cut Pro, while FCP X is the latest version. FCP supports all QuickTime compatible videos and video codecs, such as Apple ProRes family from ProRes 422 Proxy to ProRes 4444 XQ, DV, HDV, MP4, MOV, P2 MXF (DVCProHD), XDCAM, etc. However still you can find some video format incompatibility issues with Final Cut Pro. For example, you will find FLV, F4V, VOB videos can’t be imported into FCP for editing. Some AVI videos and MOV files can’t be editted using FCP neither. In fact, we already have a post about how to convert VOB to ProRes for FCP here you can refer to. To help Final Cut Pro users cope with these video format incompatibility problems, we will introduce you a great video converter for Mac, so you can use this video converter to convert all types of videos into FCP compatible formats or codec on Mac and import them into FCP for editing.

How to convert videos to Final Cut Pro on Mac?

Video Converter Ultimate is the only tool you will need. It is optimized for iMovie, Final Cut Pro, iDVD and other video editing tools so you can easily convert a video to Final Cut Pro format, iMovie or iDVD. A wide selection of source videos can be edited and converted using this powerful video converter, like DVDs, all kinds of video formats, audio files, videos from digital cameras, digital SLR or DSLR cameras, camcorders, and so on. You can find out more details of this video converter for Mac here.

Great supplement to Final Cut
Tony Fannin | 2013-11-08 19:08:37

“I am in advertising and create many videos for clients. Video Converter Ultimate has been a wonderful asset in my work. Since I often have to deal with many different kinds of video formats, Wondershare allows me to access just about any type of video, change the formats and import them into Final Cut. Thanks for a great product.”

Basically there are three simple steps to convert any videos on your Mac OS X: 1) add source video files; 2) select target video format; 3) convert the video from original format to target format selected.

Step 1. Add videos to the Mac video converter

Run Video Converter Ultimate on Mac. Click the + icon from the bottom left corner to add source video files to the converter. You can also drag and drop one or more videos from your media library on Mac to this video converter.
convert videos on mac

Step 2. Choose output video format for FCP

In the lower section of the Mac video coverter, you can select target video format in different ways. Normally you can select output format by target devices you are going to play the video with, such as iPhone 6, iPhone 5, iPad Mini, iPad Air, Apple TV and many more. You can also choose to convert videos to HD & 3D videos, audios, videos for web sharing, videos for editing in Final Cut Pro, iMovie, iDVD and more. To choose output video format optimized for FCP, click Editing from the video selection section, you can then find Final Cut Pro from there. Select it to continue video editing for FCP. See below screenshot.
convert videos to final cut pro

For advanced FCP users, you can also choose ProRes Proxy (ProRes 422) or ProRes 4444 codecs to convert videos to Apple Prores 422 or Prores 4444 for editing in FCP.

Step 3. Convert videos to FCP on Mac

Hit the Convert button on the bottom right corner to convert your videos to Final Cut Pro on Mac. Videos will be converted and saved to the Ouput folder on your Mac. You can then import the videos to FCP for further editing.