Convert Movies to iPad Mini

Do you have some incompatible videos, movies want to transfer to iPad mini? The smaller size of the iPad mini 7.9-inch and retina display make iPad mini the ideal video player. If you have movies saved on the media library on your PC or Mac, you can sync them for playback on iPad mini so you can watch movies on the go. Your DVD collections can also be ripped to iPad mini videos. iPad mini supports H.264 videos and MPEG-4 videos, in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats. If your movies or videos are in different video codec or formats, you need to convert them first. Luckily there are many video converter for iPad you can choose from. In this demo, we will be using the easy video converter to demonstrate how to convert movies to iPad mini. Go ahead to download the video tool first and follow below steps to get your videos converted to iPad mini video format.

How to Convert Movies, Videos and DVD to iPad Mini?

Only three simple steps are required to convert any movies, DVD or videos to iPad mini compatible format. Run the video converter, it will defaults to the Convert tab. See below screenshot of the video converter for iPad. From the following image, you will notice that it can also help you burn videos to DVD, download online videos to your computer, you can also use it as a media server to cast your videos to different devices and players.

convert videos movies dvd to ipad mini

First of all, you should load source videos into the converter. You can either add videos from the Add Files menu button or simply drag and drop videos into the movie converter for iPad mini. After that go to the video formats selection area on the right column of the iPad video conversion software and choose iPad mini, then the video profile optimized for iPad mini will be applied automatically. From above screenshot of the video conversion program, you can see the video profile below the iPad mini displayed as below:

  • Format: MP4
  • Video Codec: H264
  • Audio Codec: AAC

Now click the Convert button in blue to convert your videos to MP4 format for iPad mini. The the iPad mini compatible videos will be created instantly and saved to the output folder of the video converting program. You can click the Open Folder button from the bottom of this software.

Transfer videos from computer to iPad mini

There are different ways you can transfer files and data from computer or other devices to your iPad. Check out this guide to transfer files from computers to iPad. Except sync your videos through iTunes. There are many other iOS transfer tools you can choose. For example, you can upload the video to Dropbox, the most important free service that lets you bring your photos, videos, docs anywhere and share them across different devices easily. See how you can download videos from Dropbox to the Camera Roll on iPad iPhone.

Extra iPad video converting and editing tips

Now you know how to convert all kinds of videos, movies and DVD movies to iPad mini video format. And you know how to transfer the iPad compatible videos from computer to your iPad mini. In fact the above instructions and tips apply to almost all iPad models, not only iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad mini 3, but many others like iPad, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPar Air, iPad Air 2. You can go to the video format selection area and find optimized video profiles for various Apple devices, including iPhone video formats, iPad video formats, iPod video formats, Apple TV video formats. See also this guide to convert videos to iPhone.

choose video format for apple devices, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV

Some advanced features can also be found in this video converter. For example, you can go to the Video Settings section to reduce videos to smaller resolution, change video codec, change video quality, etc.

video resolution settings

If like you can also edit videos, crop videos, rotate videos, cut videos, add subtitle to videos, add watermarks and so on. All these advanced features can also be found within the powerful video converter. And best of all these jobs can be accomplished easily even for beginners. This is actually a multi-purpose video converting, burnning, downloading, streaming tool. A lot of devices are supported, for instance, you can use this video software to convert videos for playback on Sony Playstation. If you have 4K videos want to play on mobile devices that do not support 4K content playback, or if you want to upgrade HD videos to 4K videos, you can use this video tool to convert videos from 4K videos or to 4K videos.

Hope you can find this iPad mini video converting guide useful. If you have any questions concerning the video converter or your video converting needs, feel free to leave us a message in the comment section below.

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