How to convert videos to iPhone on Mac?

For iPhone users, we may occasionally have encountered video formats problem when trying to watch some movies that we download from some websites, or transfer from other devices to iPhone. As you may have concerned, the video formats that iPhone supports are mainly H.264, MPEG-4 and Motion JPEG (M-JPEG). The file formats are mainly in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov and .avi. So there are many other formats such as DivX, XviD, rm, rmvb, VOB, DVD, WMV, that iPhone could not support. How can we convert the videos from other formats to iPhone video formats? There are many video converter applications on the market for us to solve this problem. Some of the Apps are for free, while some are the premium packages and services appearing to be well worth their nominal fees when you consider every service the tools provide. The tool we will recommend is Video Converter Ultimate for Mac, which is commonly used and highly recommended by many Mac users who have been using this tool for almost two or three years. For Windows users, please go to this link to convert videos to iPhone formats on PC. In this article we will show you why we recommend this application and how to use it to convert any video formats to iPhone in several simple clicks.

The Video Converter program contains a plethora of remarkable features. It is a user friendly application. Its interface is simple. You can simply drag the videos from your Mac to this app, select the device type that your converted video will be placed, and then click the convert button. The video conversion will then be done in a short time. Compared to many others tools, it is extremely fast. You don’t need to wait an eternal time to convert batch of videos at the same time. Yes, as you might be guessing, this tool allow you to convert batches of videos at one time. If you want to download a series of TV shows from the internet and then transfer them to your iPhone. This tool also supports to download and convert the videos at the same time. If these videos format is not compatible with iPhone, you can input the URL and convert them at the same time to your Mac. You may worry about the converted video resolution. Take it easy. This tool can keep original resolution. And if you need to adjust the video sizes to compromise with your iPhone storage space, you can edit the video by trimming and cropping, or reduce video resolution or image quality to a reasonable extent. Besides, you can also adjust the effect, add watermark, and add subtitle. This tool has powerful compatibility. Some other tools are designed for a unique format, such are converting to DVD, MP4 or 4K. By contrast, this Video Converter Ultimate supports as many as 159 video formats, and it is still accounting, as its developer keep upgrading this application for these recent years. You can enjoy the upgrade version whenever it is available. Let’s go through below two steps to know more about this Video Converter Ultimate tool to convert videos for iPhone.

How to convert any videos to iPhone on Mac?

Download the FREE trial version of the media converter tool from the linked page in the first paragraph if not yet. Install and launch it on your Mac.

video converter Mac add files

Drag the videos files you want to convert into the Convert tab. Or you click the Add Files at the upper left corner to add source files.

Choose a iPhone compatible video format from the upper right section, such as MOV, MP4, etc. You can also choose format by device. The video converter has various video profiles customized for various phones, tablets, computers, TV and more devices.

Now click Convert button to convert any specific video clip to the select file format or hit the Convert All button to batch convert multiple video files at the same time. Once the conversion is done, the converted videos will be stored in the output folder. You can access them from Finder, open and play them with QuickTime Player or other players you like on Mac.

So far, you have successfully converted the videos format for iPhone. Now all you need to do is to transfer the converted videos from Mac to your iPhone. It is really simple to use, right? Now download it and try.

How to transfer converted videos from Mac to iPhone?

There are several ways to transfer videos from Mac to iPhone. You can sync iTunes with iPhone, or use Dropbox, or use a free file manager for iPhone, such as SHAREit. Even the Video Converter program has the built-in transfer feature to help iPhone, Android users send videos from their computer to mobile. It however requires the mobile device to be connected via a cable. The best way to is to send files files between iPhone and Mac is AirDrop or Mac File Share. Both of them are built-in features in iOS and/or Mac OS.

Update Apr 2019: this article was originally published in Dec 2015 and has since been updated. in this update, the article was revised to reflected to the change in the latest version of the video converter.