Convert videos and music to LG mobile phone

Due to the audio and video codec support limitations, we may run into incompatibility problems on our mobile phones. For example, when someone sends you a video you may not be able to open or view it on your phone, when you transfer a song from computer to mobile phone, your music player may not be able to play it. This article explains how to open and play all kinds of videos and audios on your LG mobile phones when the incompatibility issues occur.

Converting media VS downloading extra media player?

This is a problem. You have the choices to either convert incompatible audios or videos to LG phone acceptable formats or install third party music players or movie players that can play those not natively supported audios or videos without changing their original codec or format. So why would you bother converting movies or songs since you can simply install a media player on the phone?

There are a very large of variety of file types and codecs. A media player supports certain file types not others. Sometimes a video player opens some files but cannot play others even if they are in the same file format or extension. Not enough storage space on your phone? You are not alone. We save a lot of media files, like HD photos, videos, they are usually very big and eat a lot of our precious storage space. If you want to share videos with other mobile phone uses or transfer movies from computer to mobile devices, we highly recommend you compress the videos or movies first. Your phone screen is much smaller than PC monitor, you do not need a video to be Full HD or even UHD under lots of circumstances.

For these reasons, we think the best way to solve video and audio incompatibility problems on LG smartphones is to convert them on a computer which has more free storage and more powerful and faster in processing enormous amount of data.

If you are looking for a LG video converter software, Video Converter Ultimate is your best choice. It converts almost all kinds of PC videos, audios and music files to compatible media types for LG mobile phones. It is very easy to use as beginners and has advanced functions made for professional users as well. Batch conversion and multi-threading supported, you can enjoy up to 30X faster conversion speed.

video converter for windows

Converting videos and music to LG mobile phone

There are only 3 simple steps to convert a video or song to LG mobile phone:

  1. add media file to the converter;
  2. Select target format in the converter;
  3. Export media file to your computer;

Check out details below.

Step 1. Add music or movies

Run the media converter software on your PC or Mac. You can click “Add Files” to open file browser to select videos or audios you want to convert.Drag-n-drop will also do.

Step 2. Select output file format

Go to the ‘Convert files to’ section on the right side, choose Video category to browse through and pick up a video format which is compatible with LG mobile devices, or choose Audio category to select a LG phone accepted audio type. Except that, you can also choose output formats according to your device models. Open the Device category, you can find a long list of supported devices, such as Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Huawei, Google, Sony, etc.

The file formats may vary across different phone models. You should be able to find these info from the product manual or LG official site. For example, LG G6 supports the following audios and videos:

  • Video Playback formats: H.263, H.264, MPEG-4, VP8, VP9, XviD, MJPEG, THEORA, HEVC
  • Music Playback formats: AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, AMR-NB, AMR-WB, FLAC, ALAC(M4A), MP3, MIDI, Vorbis(OGG), PCM, ADPCM, WMA, OPUS(MKV)

LG V30+ supports

  • Video Playback formats: MP4, 3GP, 3G2, AVI, MKV, WMV/ASF, TS, WebM, FLV, H263, H.264(BP/MP/HP), HEVC(Main/Main10), MPEG4(SP/ASP), XviD, VP8, VP9, M-JPEG, THEORA

Don’t know what to choose? No problem, you can choose MP4 as the output format for videos or movies, MP3 as the output format for audios or songs, because these two media formats are universally supported by all kinds of mobile devices and computer and they contain better image and audio quality.

Step 3. Reduce video size for LG phone (optional)

As we mentioned above, we do not need a video to be Full HD or even UHD on our mobile phones under most circumstances. If you like, you can reduce the output video or movie size first. When you select an output video type, you will see various presets in the sub-menu. For example, you can click Video >> MP4, then find entries like Same as source, HD 1080p, HD 720p, SD 640p, SD 480p and more. Choose a smaller resolution, the output video will get a much smaller file size. In this demo, we have converted a full HD 1080p MOV video from 62.72MB to a 480p MP4 video which is just 4.01MB. Generally speaking, 640P is big enough for display on big screen mobile phones, and 480P is suitable for smartphones with relatively smaller screens.

Step 4. Convert videos or audios to LG phone

Hit the Convert button to convert a video to LG or convert a song to LG. If you have added multiple movies or songs, hit the Convert All button at the bottom right corner to batch convert them to LG phone videos or music.

Transferring music and movies from computer to LG mobile

Now the converted media files are saved in the output folder of the media converter on your PC or Mac. In order to play them using your LG cell phone, you need to import them from computer to your mobile phone first. You have many choices to send files from computer to LG device. You can send files from computer to LG phone via Bluetooth which is very convenient if you need only to send over couple of files and documents. To bulk transfer files or copy over large videos and movies, send the files from computer to LG phone via USB.

The media converter has the built-in transfer tool too. In an earlier guide, we have showed how you can convert and transfer music and videos from computer to iPhone, you can refer to this guide for the details.

convert, transfer audios, videos to iphone using video converter for pc

After all video files copied over, you can open the File Manager app on LG phone to find the videos in the Video folder that you can find at the root directory of your phone’s internal storage. Tap on the video file to open and play it directly from the File Manager app on LG phone. If you installed any third party video players on LG mobile, these apps should be able to search and find the newly added videos automatically.

Other than that, you can also choose third party file transfer solutions, such as following tutorial to share files between mobile phones and PC using Shareit, a free file sharing app.