Convert Videos to PS4 Supported Format

Many PS4 users find their play station can’t play a lot of external video and audio files. PS4 supporst audio and video playback, for example you can play mp3 and avi files on PS4. Basically PS4 supports mp3 audio codec, AVI mpeg-4 video codec. Your PS4 can play blue-ray and DVD video as well.

For those video files and music songs that are incompatible with PS4, you can use a converter for PS4 to convert the file formats. In an earlier review, we introduced a PS4 video converter which is specially designed for PS4 video and audio conversions. Actually many general video converter should be able to convert videos for PS4. In this guide, we will show you how you can convert incompatible videos to PS4 supported file formats with Video Converter Ultimate which is more powerful and multi-functional. Make sure to download the video converter to your Windows PC or Mac OS X before you proceed with following below steps.

Convert Videos to PS4 Formats

Step 1. Run the video converter

Once the video format converter software launches, you can see it has three main tabs, Convert, Burn and Download. Go to the Convert tab for our video conversion task.

Convert videos to PS4

Step 2. Add video files to the converter

To add your source video files, you can drag them to the converter, or click the + Add Files button to browse to your media library and load the video files from there. Except converting all kinds of video files, you can also load DVD movies into the video converter and convert DVD to Sony PS4, BlackBerry, iOS device, Android phones, etc.

Step 3. Select PS4 video as output video format & device

Many PS4 users may not know the accepted video formats or audio formats by PS4. This video converter is so easy to use, as it has video and audio profiles made ready for PS4, so you do not need to find out what are the PS4 support video files. To select output video file for PS4, go to the Output Format section on the right hand side. Click to expand the video profiles list. You will then see the drop down list of all supported video and audio formats grouped by Favorite, Format and Device. The easiest way to pick up the PS4 compatible format is to go to the Device section > > Game, then click PS4. Along with Sony PS4, you can also find the video converter is also capable of converting videos to iPhone, Samsung smartphones and many other mobile phones or tablets.

Select PS4 video output format

Step 4. Convert videos to PS4

Now is the last step to convert added videos files to PS5 format. If you have multiple source video files and want to merge them into one single output video file, make sure to tick the Merge all videos into one file option. Another thing is to double check the Output Folder see if it is the directory on your hard disk you like to save the output videos. For professionals and advanced users, the powerful video converter has the capacity to allow users to customize the output video files, such as quality, video encoder, video frame rate, resolution, bit rate and so on.

When you are ready, click the Convert button on the right bottom corner to convert videos to PS4 with high speed and great quality.

Except video converting, you can use this video converter to rip DVDs, burn videos onto DVD discs. If you like to try its other features, you can refer to this guide: Burn videos to DVD for free

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