Convert videos to GIF on computer

Animated Gif files are widely used in emails, chat apps, presentations, websites, especially all kinds of forums, SNS. For example, if a website does not allow users to upload or share videos, you can convert the videos to GIF files and publish. The Video Converter has a toolbox with many useful tools, such as the Video Metadata Fix, VR Video Converter, Computer to TV Video Cast, Screen Recorder and GIF Maker. In an earlier article, we already showed you how to convert photos to GIF files on computer using this GIF Maker. In fact, video files can also be transformed to GIF files using this GIF creator. Check out the details below.

How to convert videos to GIF files on computer?

Download the video converter on to your Windows or Mac computer and install it.

Launch the video converter, switch from the Convert tab which opens by default to the Toolbox tab from its top menu. Click GIF Maker, you will see the video to GIF maker opens automatically. Click Add Files button to choose and import the video or movie clip to the GIF maker. Currently it supports MP4, M4V, MOV formats.

convert video to gif - video converter gif maker

Customize video length

If the video is too long, play the video using its built-in media player, use the starting and ending markers or select the Start and/or End time to select the section you want to convert. Other than converting the whole video, you can convert from specific start point to end point. This feature is useful when you only need to convert a small part or portion of a long video to GIF.

Edit GIF file size

Adjust the Gif file size in the Output size field.

Edit Gif Frame Rate

Set GIF file frame rate.

Save Gif file

Choose a location on your computer hard drive to save the generated animated GIF files.

Convert video to GIF

Hit the Create Gif button to convert source video to GIF according to the settings and parameters you have customized.

How to reduce GIF file size?

If the created GIF file is too big to upload, transfer or share, you may consider reduce its width/height, length and/or frame rate. Other than that, you can also extract still pictures from the video first, then use its Photos to GIF conversion tool to convert images to GIF.

How to rotate videos?

Sometimes video captured on the phone may be upside down or sideways when displayed on our computer. In this case, you can use this video converter to rotate the videos on your PC or Mac.