How to Convert Videos to iPad?

To play all kinds of videos that are not native videos for iOS devices on iPad, you need to use a video converter to convert the movie/video files to iPad compatible format. There are many video converters on the market can help you with the video conversion, you need to find the suitable one. There is no such iPad video converter can suit the needs for all iPad users. Here we recommend this video converter to iPad users for its rich features, fast conversion speed, user friendly design. It is highly optimized for iPhone iPad iPod and all kinds of mobile phones and devices, like Android phones, BlackBerry smartphones, Nokia phones, Motorola and many more. We have demonstrated how to convert videos to iPhone in two easy steps. If you have read this guide, you will see it is extremely powerful in video converting and DVD ripping. In fact you those converted videos for iPhone can also be transferred and played on iPad as well. That’s to say, you can convert videos to iPhone and play the videos on all iOS devices, so you do not have to convert the same videos to different copies for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch separately. Since iPad and iPhone has different display and sizes, for the best result, you should get videos converted to iPad optimized videos. To be more specific, you can convert videos to certain iPad models for best visual result, like iPad, iPad 2, new iPad, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad Air, etc.

Convert Videos to iPad

Download and install this video converter on to your Mac or PC computer below.

Run video converter you will see a screen like below. Click Add Files button from the top left corner from the video converter.  You can load the video files to the video converter from there. You can also load DVD movies and convert DVD to iPad video formats as well.

How to rip DVD to iPad?

If you have DVD movies and want to play them on iPad, you can also use this video converter to rip your DVD movies to iPad. You can refer to above instructions to convert your DVD to iPad, just make sure to click Load DVD other than Add File to load your DVD movies to the video converter, the rest of the steps are the same as your convert normal video clips to iPad. For further instructions, you can refer to this tutorials: How to Convert DVD to iPhone iPad iPod?

convert videos to ipad

Once you’re done adding source video files, go to select target video format from the right side bar. This video converter has built-in a lot of optimized profiles for many different mobile phones and devices. You can choose specific iPad models for best visual result and experience, for example, you can convert videos to iPad, iPad 2, new iPad, iPad 4, iPad mini, iPad Air, etc.

select output video format

Click the Convert button to convert your movies to iPad compatible format. Once finished conversion, you can find the newly created video file from the output folder of the movie converter. Drag the converted video files to iTunes to sync it with your iPad. See specific video to iPad transfer instructions here: transfer movies from computer to iPad through iTunes. If you do not like iTunes for the transfer, there are many great alternatives to iTunes you can use. For example, you can upload videos from computer to Dropbox, then download videos from Dropbox to iPad.