Convert Videos to YouTube

In an earlier YouTube video guide we discussed how to optimize videos for YouTube. However many YouTube users actually do not have any technical background. They can’t understand the technicial stuff behind that, such as codec, bitrate, frame rate. And in fact, as amateurs why should we learn these things if what we want is just to share our videos on YouTube! Apart from the previous YouTube video optimization guide, we will share with any YouTube user the easy-to-follow instructions and tools to convert videos to YouTube.

convert YouTube Video

How to Convert Videos to YouTube?

Youtube accepts common video formats including .mov, .flv, .mp4, etc. We recommend you this video converter which has optimized video profiles for Youtube display so anyone without video editing or processing knowledge can make professional YouTube videos. Go to download this YouTube video converter below. It comes with both Windows and Mac versions. Choose the compatible version according to your computer operating system.

Note: since this is a desktop video converter software for PC or Mac, if your source videos are saved on mobile phones or tablets, you need to transfer the video from mobile to computer in advance. Then convert the videos to YouTube format on your computer.

Run the video converter, you will open its main interface like below. We are using the video converter for Windows on a PC, if you are running the Mac version video converter, you should see the differences in appearance.

convert videos to youtube

With this video converter, converting your videos to Youtube format or profile is extremely easy. We have added texts and rectangles to the screenshot of the video conversion software above so you can follow the tips to: 1) add videos to the converter; 2) select output video format for Youtube; 3) and finally convert videos to Youtube format.

select youtube video format

Similar to Facebook video converting, the converting of Youtube videos is almost intuitive an straightforward. So we will not describe the Youtube video conversion in details. The powerful Youtube video converter has made itself quite self-explanatory. There are several other tips and trick about Youtube video conversion though we think are more noteworthy.

YouTube Video Converting Tips

To make optimized videos for YouTube, make your video publishing easier and at the same time bring your audiances the best possible visual experience. As we know the bigger your video is, the more difficult to share online. Thus we should find the best combination between video quality and video size for YouTube. These are several aspects you should know.

Edit YouTube video resolution

Right above the big Convert button, you can find the Settings option. You can change video resolutions for Youtube from the video settings window. You do not have to manually set videos to any width or height. The video converter has built-in video dimensions optimized for YouTube playback. So you can simply choose the one you. From 360P, 480P, 720P to 1080P, you can always find the right video resolutions for Youtube videos.

Adjust YouTube Video Quality

Speaking of video quality, video bit rate matters a lot. For most beginners, we do not know and we do not have to know what video bit rate is about. The video converter was designed with us beginners and amateurs in mind. You can improve video quality for better visual effects or downgrade video quality for higher transition speed from the Video Settings section, the same place we edit video resolution above. You can set video to high quality, standard quality or low quality for small size in just one click from there.

Edit YouTube Videos

If you are in need of extra video editing features, go to click the Edit button besides each video clip added to the video converter. You will then able to trim videos to short clips, rotate videos, flip videos, add special effects, add titles to video, add watermark to YouTube video to protect your property online, and so on.