Convert VOB Videos to ProRes for FCP editing

If you are an Apple FCP (Final Cut Pro) users, you may have many different types of video to edit using FCP on your Mac. Some videos however are not compatible with FCP, such as WMV, VOB, etc. In order to import these incompatible videos to FCP, you need to convert them first. We have demostrated how to transcode all kinds of videos to FCP on Mac in earlier posts. In this guide, we will discuss how you can convert VOB files to ProRes codec for editing in FCP on Mac. Just like you convert any other videos on Mac, the VOB to ProRes convertion is extremely easy and straightforward.

transcode VOB to ProRes

Basically there are three simple steps to convert VOB videos to ProRes or FCP format on your Mac OS X: 1) add source video files to the converter; 2) select target video format in the converter; 3) transcode the video from one format to another.

How to Convert VOB to ProRes for FCP editing?

Go to download this video converter for Mac on to your computer first. It is free to download and try.

Step 1. Add VOB files

Click the + Add button on the bottom left corner to browse to your media library or directory where the VOB files are saved on your computer and load them into the video converter. You can also quickly add them by drag-n-drop. It is very convenient and straightforward.
convert videos on mac

Step 2. Choose ProRes Codec

This video converter is optimized for FCP, iMovie, iDVD and other video editors, it also built-in support to many professional encoders, including ProRes, ProRes HQ, ProRes LT, ProRes Proxy, ProRes 4444, DNxHD 720p, DNxHD 1080pX. To convert VOB to Apple ProRes for editing in FCP, choose Editing, then select any of these codecs in the video converter, ProRes, ProRes HQ, ProRes LT, ProRes Proxy, ProRes 4444.
convert videos to ProRes

Step 3. Convert VOB to ProRes Codec

Once you have specific the ProRes Codec in previous step, go head to hit the Convert button to transcode your VOB to Apple ProRes. You can then import the output videos to FCP.