Convert WEBP images to JPG, PNG, BMP for FREE using Picosmos Shows on PC

WebP is a relatively new image format from Google. This new image format supports lossless and loss compression quality for images on the web. It makes our images smaller for faster loading through the Internet. Some image viewers, converter may not support it. Here we recommend a free image converter for Windows which can quickly convert multiple webp to JPG, PNG or BMP formats.

About the free WebP converter

Picosmos Tools for Windows is a free image toolkit with all kinds of useful image tools, viewer, converter, editor and more. It has the professional software to read, manage and even convert pictures named “Picosmos Shows” which can be used as the free WebP converter.

Convert WEBP images to JPG, PNG, BMP

Download the free image program on to your PC and install it. Launch the software, click to start the Picosmos Show from its home screen. Browse to the folder where all the webp images are saved. Preview the images, click to select all the webp pictures you want to convert. Hit the Export button from the top toolbar. Choose Save as from the drop-down menu. The format selection dialog pops up where you can choose a different image format, JPG, PNG, BMP.

convert images to JPG, PNG, BMP, WEBP format using Picosmos Shows on computer

Finally click OK button, all selected WebP pictures will be converted to the selected format, JPG, PNG or BMP. They will be saved to the same folder as the original WebP photos. Wait a moment for the conversion to complete if you have select multiple or many high quality WebP photos to convert.

Converting WebP images with this free WebP converter on Windows computer is just that easy. Repeat the steps to select and convert more WebP pictures if necessary.

WebP image converting alternatives

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