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microsoft word ios appSkilled Microsoft Office users should know there is an option in Word to allow users to export Word documents as PDF on PC. What if you are on Mac or do not have MS Office installed on your computer or you received Word documents through email on your mobile phone? Can we convert Word to PDF on iPhone or iPad? Unsurprisingly, Office apps for mobile, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, are not as fully featured as its desktop sister version. But the most commonly-used features in the desktop version of the program have been brought over to the mobile version. Today, we will share this quick tip to convert Word to PDF document without computer. What you will need is the Microsoft Word app for iOS which is available for free on Apple App Store. So you will be able to convert Word to PDF on iPhone or iPad for FREE. For Android users, you can refer to this tutorial to convert Word to PDF on Android phone.

How to Convert Word to PDF on iPhone iPad for FREE?

First of all, go to get this free Word app on to your iPhone or iPad from this direct link to Microsoft Word on App store. Once you have this app installed on iOS device, you will be able to directly open any Word documents on iPhone or iPad. If your Word documents are saved on computer, you can email yourself the files to iPhone or iPad. Open the Word document attached in email, tap the Share icon to view all available share options and choose Open in Word. Now you have opened Word document using Word app for iPhone or iPad.
email word document as attachment from ipad
Tap the Share icon within MS Word app for iPhone iPad, you will open a drop-down menu, choose Email as Attachment, you can then find two option: Send Word Document and Send PDF. Here we have the chance to export or convert Word document to PDF using Microsoft Word app on iPhone or iPad. Choose to send Word document in PDF format through email. It will opens the new email screen with the PDF file attached. Again you can send the email to your own email account on iPad or iPhone.

send word document as pdf via email from ipad
Now go to your Mail app to open this email, you can find the PDF document attached to this new email on your iPhone or iPad. This time you can choose to open the PDF document in iBooks to save or import PDF to iBooks app. And now you have two copies of the same document in Word (.docx) and PDF formats on your iOS device.

How to convert PDF to Word?

At the first half of this post, we demonstrated how you can export Word as PDF on Android phones. by converting Word to PDF, you gain the ability to share, open and view PDF documents on more devices, independent of software, hardware or operating system. However will lose the ability to edit the documents. Is there any way to convert PDF back to Word document format? Check out this easy solution to convert PDF to Word on iPhone. After that, you will be able to open and edit the document again using Office Word software on computer or Word app on Android or iOS devices.

Converting documents in image format to PDF

Sometimes however we might not know that the Word app can help convert Word to PDF on iPhone or iPad although we have it installed. And you may take a screenshot on iPhone to capture the Word document and delete the original copy from email. By doing so, you can quickly access your Word document (now converted to photo) from Camera Roll or photo library. Is there any way to convert Word document from image to PDF format? In such case, you need another app. Check out this guide to convert photo to PDF on iPhone iPad.

Update Feb 2018: this article was originally published in 2015 and has since been updated. We added the solution to convert PDF to Word on iPhone in this update.

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