Copy App from Android to Android

Sometimes when you want to use the same Android app on multiple phones or tablets, you can copy the Android app to computer through USB, then restore the Android app from computer to another Android device through USB. Normally you do not have to use a computer in the middle, as you can download the same Android app from Google Play or other third party market place. If you can’t find the app online, can’t find the current version you prefer, or there is no internet access, you can simply use a PC in the middle to transfer the app from one Android phone to another Android phone. However if you have a lot of apps need to migrate when you switch or upgrade phones, you can check out this guide and see how to batch transfer apps from Android to Android phones.

Transfer App from Android to Android

There are many Android transfer tools can help you back up content from Android phones to computer. In this demo, we will be using the easy-to-use Android transfer software to demonstrate how to copy apps from an Android smartphone to another. You can download it from below links.

android toolkit dcfon

Choose Switch from the main interface of this Android toolkit. You will be prompted to connect Android phones via USB data cable.

Connect Android phones to computer via USB

You need to turn on USB debugging on Android phone before you can use the Android transfer tool to access your Android apps on the phone and copy them from phone to computer. If you are unfamiliar with it, you can refer to this guide: how to enable USB debugging on Android? When you want to install app from computer onto the destination Android phone, you need to repeat these steps on the destination Android phone to enable it as well.

Now run the Android App transfer tool on your PC and Mac, connect your phone to computer through USB data cable. Select Apps from the menu in the middle, you will get a screen like this:

android phone switch dcfn mac

Do I have to choose where to install the Android app to? No, the Android app transfer tool is smart enough to help you install the app from computer to phone properly.