Copy Premiere projects to a new location or PC

Need to move Premiere projects to a new location or computer? The Project Manager can help you quickly copy projects and associated media files, such as media files, audio, images, transitions, effects, for migration, transfer, archivement, backup or sharing.

When you create a project in Premiere, you will be required to choose a location to save the project on your computer. You can access the project files in Windows File Explorer and copy them over to other hard drive or computers. This method however won’t work when you have some media files saved in other hard drive in your local network or local file server. If you use Premiere Pro’s powerful Project Manager to copy projects and associated media files to a single location for easier backup or sharing.

Export, backup, transfer Premiere projects with Project Manager

Open the project in Adobe Premiere, Click File menu, then choose Project Manager from the drop-down menu list to open it in a new window.

Copy, export Premiere projects and files to a new location or PC using Project Manager

In the Project Manager window, click to select all sequences you want to transfer under Sequence section. In general, you should choose and backup all of them when you have multiple sequences in the project as you may need them in the future.

In Resulting Project, choose Collect Files and Copy to New Location. Then customize some settings in the Options pane on the right-hand side.

Exclude Unused Clips

Normally you may want to turn this option off. Uncheck this option to include all the clips, whether they have been used or not in the original project. Make sure to copy all media content even those you did not use if you suspect you or a client will ask for a revision of them at some time in the future.

Include Audio Conform Files

Ensures that the audio you conformed in the original project remains conformed in the new project on another computer. When not selected, Premiere Pro will conform the audio again when you open the project on the new PC.

Include Preview Files

It specifies that effects you rendered in the original project remain rendered in the new project. When not selected, the new project occupies much less disk space. The effects can be easily rendered when you open the project on a new computer. You can turn this off when you back up the project.

Rename Media Files To Match Clip Names

Keep it checked.

Choose where to save or export the Premiere Project

The Destination Path pane indicates where the project to be saved. To change this, click on the Browse button, navigate to the new folder and then click the Select Folder button.

Calculate free disk space

Disk Space displays how much available disk space there is on the disk, and also a comparison between the size of the current project’s files and the estimated size of the copied files. Click Calculate to update the estimate so you can know the disk space is sufficient to save the project backup or choose a different location.

Finally click OK button to export the project from Adobe Premiere to the new location or disk and transfer them to a new PC using a portable hard drive.

Except the method above, the Premiere Pro Project Manager also allows users to consolidate and transcode projects into a single codec for easy archiving. You can refer to this page on Adobe website for more details.