Create animated GIF images with pictures on Android phone

GIF is one of the most popular image formats used on the internet and our smartphones, stickers emoji, gif stickers, funny gifs, emoticons, animated icons for a chat app, like WhatsApp, WeChat,or emails, forums, etc. Unlike a PNG or JPG image file, a GIF file contains several images or frames in one file. It is similar to a video which is actually a series of moving images. If you are looking for free sticker emoji online or searching for an animated GIF stickers download site, maybe you can try to make your own GIF stickers with your own pictures on the phone. It is easy to do and takes just a few seconds.

If you are using an iPhone or iPad, check out this guide to convert iPhone iPad photos to animated GIF.

To create GIF images on the phone, you will need to download and use a GIF maker app. We recommend GIF Camera which you can find on Google Play or other Android app stores. We will also provide the download link to this free GIF app at the bottom of this article. This free GIF creator app for Android is free to download and use, easy and effective. Unlike other free GIF maker, this one does not even put any watermarks or logos on the output GIF images.

Once you downloaded and installed the free GIF maker on your Android mobile phone, tap to on it, you will see its home screen like below.

gif camera app - free GIF maker for android

Basically there are two ways to make a GIF using this free GIF maker app on your phone.

Method 1. Make a GIF on Android phone

Choose Make Gif mode from its home screen, the GIF maker app will open the Camera on your phone, you can now shoot photos and instantly load them into the GIF maker. At the bottom of the screen, you can switch between Auto and Manual modes before you take photos. For complete control, we suggest the Manual mode under which you have the time to move and point your Camera to the object and take one photo a time. After that you will see the option to adjust image playback speed in the GIF file. By default the frame per second should be 1 frame/sec, you can however speed it by by dragging the speed bar from left to right. The maximum FPS you can set is 20 frames/sec. If you like to play the images or frames in the GIF file, simply tap to check the “Reverse” option. You can preview any changes instantly. When you are satisfied, touch the Save icon at the top right corner to generate and save the GIF file.

edit gif in gif camera app android

Method 2 – Convert pictures, photos to GIF on Android

If you have saved some good photos that are too good to keep to yourself, convert the pictures and photos to GIF files and share with your family or friends who will also love them. They can be pictures downloaded from the internet, your family album, your travel photography, holiday photos, or many others.

Run the GIF Camera app for Android, choose From Local, you will be able to select the photos and image files and add them to the GIF creator.

Important tips for adding images to GIF maker

  • Currently the GIF maker app does not allow you to pick up photos from different folders or albums on the phone. Thus you need to put together all the pictures in the same album or folder first. You can do this from the Gallery app. Create a new folder or album there, then browse to the albums to copy source pictures from their original album to this newly created album.
  • The GIF maker for Android does not have the option to rearrange the photo order once being added. Thus when you are at the image selection screen, choose the pictures in the right order before you add them. When you touch the first image, you will see it is marked as 1, tap on the second image, you will see it is marked as 2, ….

The GIF editing will be the same as mention above in the Method 1 section. Preview the GIF, make sure you are satisfied with any change you have made. Finally touch the Save icon at the top right corner to save the GIF to the GIF Album.

Share animated GIF on mobile phone

All GIF files created using this GIF maker can be found in the Gif Album. You can access it from the home screen of this GIF Camera app. Meanwhile a copy of all output GIF files will be saved to your phone’s storage. Run a File Manager app on your phone, you should find the created GIFs from Internal storage/listen5/GIF. The GIF make can help you directly send GIF to your Facebook, Twitter, WeChat accounts. Of course, you can also manually attach GIFs to WhatsApp, email, and so forth.

GIF Camera drawbacks

  • When you quit the GIF maker app, you will be prompted to rate the app. You have the option to quit without rating. So this is not bad especially for a free app.
  • It has small banner ads in the GIF editing screen.
  • On some phones or Android version, you may see the error “the app has stopped” error when save a GIF file. However this does not mean the GIF file has not been saved. You need to head to its GIF Album to find out. Based on my own experience, it worked well with earlier Android versions, such as Android 4.4. On Android 6, the error occurs sometimes but all GIF files seems to have been saved even if the error shows up.

Download GIF Camera – free GIF maker app for Android

Now download this free GIF maker app on to your Android phone to create funny animated GIFs, emoticons, animated icons, animated stickers without any fee and share the best photos and pass along your happiness.