Create App Groups on Windows 8 PC

The new Windows 8 system allows PC users to work through an app-based home screen, just like mobile phones and tablets. Instead of the traditional desktop, Windows 8 computer users now manage their apps in the modern metro interface.

The new start screen under the modern metro mode in Windows 8 can easily look cluttered as more apps are installed. Creating app groups to categorize and organize Windows 8 apps could help you find what you need much easier.

Create App Groups on Windows 8 PC

To Create App Groups or Categories on Windows 8 PC:

Double click and drag an app that will be in your new app group until a vertical bar is displayed as you can see in the below screenshot. Drag the app cross this vertical line and drop it, then a new app group or category is created on your Windows 8 computer.

You can continue drag and drop more apps to this new app group following above steps.