Create GIF from videos using Snagit

Want to make a GIF from video? Sometimes you may find it is difficult to share large videos online. In this case, you may consider converting them to GIF files to save bandwidth and speed. Creating a GIF is easier than you think.There are many different tools can help you with that. In a related article, we used the video converter to convert videos to GIF on computer. It makes video to GIF conversion easy and fast. Today, we will show you how to make a GIF from existing video easily using the famous screen capture software Snagit on a Windows PC. Note that you can also use its Mac version to make a GIF out of a video on Mac.

Convert video to GIF using Snagit

Run Snagit Editor on your PC or Mac. We will use its Windows version in the demo below. You may see difference in appearance if you are on a Mac. There are different ways to launch the Snagit Editor. Normally we can click the Open Editor button in the Snagit capture window. You can also right click the Snagit icon in the Notification area to open the Editor. Or you can find and launch it from Windows start menu program list.

In Snagit Editor, click File menu, select Open to find and import the video from computer to the media editor. You can select any portion of a video to convert to GIF. Just drag the playhead handles apart to select the video portion. After that, click the GIF button below the built-in video player.

convert video to gif using snagit for windows on pc

A dialogue pops up with the options you can choose to create GIF from your selection or the whole video. Proceed to the next step to set the GIF according to your needs. You can choose to optimize it for Screen Video, High Motion Video, Reduced File Size or else. This will result in different resolution, framerate, file size and affect other aspects of the GIF file to be generated. Once the GIF file created, play it in Snagit Editor and then save it from the editor program to your computer hard drive.