How to create Instagram photo slideshow movie?

instagramInstagram is a very popular photo hosting and sharing service. It is a lot of fun to capture photos and share with friends and family on Instagram website. If you are an Instagram user with lots of great photos saved in your Instagram account, you may follow this guide to add your favorite music to your Instagram photos and convert them into a slideshow movie. It is very easy and take just a few minutes, but the outcome can be really amazing. Anyone can easily convert photos and videos to professional slideshow movies following the instructions below. Best of all, you will be able to share you Instagram photo slideshow movies on HDTV, smart phone, tablets, Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo and many other devices or websites.

How to create Instagram photo slideshow movie?

This is a beginner’s guide to Instagram photo slideshow movie making. Following these steps below you will be able to create stunning slideshow videos using your Instagram gallery. Now get your hands dirty!

Step 1 . Download Instagram photo slideshow movie maker.

This movie maker comes with both Windows and Mac OS X versions. Choose the one according to your computer OS below. In this demo, we will be using Filmora Movie Maker for Windows. If you are on Mac, you should expect some difference in appearance or layout. The design and main features are very identical though.

Step 2. Download photos from Instagram

Launch the Instagram photo slideshow creator, you will get a movie creation wizard from which you can select the movie creating modes and aspect ratio, see below screenshot.

filmora movie creating modes

The movie maker has two modes you can choose: Easy Mode and Full Feature Mode. The Full Feature Mode offers you greater freedom to customize photos and slideshow. Actually they are both very easy to use even for the first time user. The aspect ration between 4:3 and 16:9 does not really matter a lot, as you will be able to change it later. Basically 4:3 is for normal TV and computer display, 16:9 aspect ratio is for  wide screen. In this demo, we will select the Full Feature Mode. The main interface of the slideshow video maker looks like this.

create Instagram photo slideshow movie with filmora

Click the down arrow besides IMPORT, and select Download Photos from Instagram, after that you will be prompted to log in your Instagram account to authorize the access request. You will then be able to select and download any photos from your Instagram albums online. You can also download photos you liked and photos from other Instagram users that you have followed. Other than Instagram, you can also download photos from Flickr and make Flickr photo slideshow videos, download photos and videos from Facebook and convert them into slideshow movies, etc.

download photos from instagram to filmora movie maker

Step 3. Make Instagram photo slideshow movies

Drag the imported photos from your Instagram account to the story board or timeline. Rearrange their orders to tell your story in a organized natural sequence. You can also add extra photos from your computer to your slideshow movie. Other media files such as videos and background music can also be added to your Instagram slideshow movie. From the middle of the Filmora movie maker, you can find a lot of tools in this main toolbar, such as Media, Music, Text, Filter, Overlay, Elements, Transition, Split Screen. You can easily add music to Instagram movie from built-in music album or your own music alum on the computer. Adding texts, titles, transition effects or filters to images can greatly enhance your slideshow movie. We will not going to explain these functions in details, as they are quite self-explanatory and extremely easy to apply. You can preview the Instagram slideshow and make any further changes to it accordingly.

Strep 4. Export Instagram photo slideshow video

When you have finished creating the Instagram photo slideshow movie and you are satisfied with what you get through the movie preview, the last step is to save it to your computer or any other devices you like. Click the Export icon from the main toolbar of the movie maker. You will be taken to the output screen like below.

save Instagram photo slideshow movie-filmora

The Filmora movie creator provides you various ways to save, export and share Instagram photo slideshow movies:

  • Save Instagram photo slideshow to video formats such as MP4, WMV, AVI, MOV, FLV, MKV, TS, 3GP, MPEG, WEBM, HTML5, MP3, etc.
  • Create Instagram photo slideshow movie playback on iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod, Samsung Galaxy S, Android phones, Nexus, Xbox one, Sony PS4, Wii, Sony TV and more devices;
  • Publish Instagram photo slideshow to Youtube;
  • Upload Instagram photo slideshow to Facebook;
  • Share Instagram photo slideshow on Vimeo;
  • Burn Instagram photo slideshow to DVD;
  • Add Instagram photo slideshow to your own website and blogs;
  • Save Instagram photo slideshow to your computer, then copy it external portable hard drive, upload it to Dropbox, SkyDrive or any other cloud hosting services you prefer.

If you like to customize the Instagram slideshow movie, you can click the Settings button from the above movie export screen. Normally you do not have to manually change the settings of the Instagram photo slideshow movie, because when you choose an output option in the export screen, the optimized video and audio settings are applied automatically.
Instagram photo slideshow movie settings in Filmora

Want to give it a try by yourself now? Download the Instagram photo slideshow maker from below.

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