Create iPhone Contacts Groups

Many iPhone users have noticed the Groups in Contacts app on iPhone. Just open Contacts app on iPhone, you should find it at the top left corner of your iPhone screen. But how can you create contact groups and add contacts to a group? Apparently there is no easy way to set up a group on iPhone in current iOS versions, like iOS 7, iOS 8. Do we have to use iTunes in order to group contacts on iPhone? Yes, you can create contacts groups on PC or Mac through iTunes. And except that you can also build your contact groups on iPhone directly using a third party iOS app. There are various contacts management apps for iPhone can do that. You can buy an app for that. But please note these contacts apps might not help you send group messages to contacts in a group. Please read carefully before you buy. Otherwise it would be a waste of money. In this post, we will show you how to manage contact groups on iPhone or iPad through iCloud. Actually this is probably the easiest solution to create contact groups and add contacts to groups for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. And best of all, it is totally free. No apps or installations required.

How to Create Contacts Groups for iPhone iPad?

In order to use iCloud to create iPhone contacts group on the cloud and keep your iPhone contacts synced with iCloud, you have to enable iCloud backup on your iPhone first. In an earlier article we showed how to export iPhone contacts from iCloud to computer, you can refer to this guide to enable iCloud backup & sync of iPhone contacts. Once you are done, come back to this article and follow below steps to create contacts group on iPhone.

Now access on your desktop browser on a PC or Mac computer. You will be prompted to log in using your Apple ID and its password. Do not open this site on your iPhone. Apple will send you to iPhone settings if you access iCloud website in Safari for iOS.

sign in to icloud

After logging in to your iCloud account, you can find the Contacts icon immediately. Click to open Contacts page in iCloud, all your contacts will be displayed. From the bottom left corner of this iCloud Contacts page, there will be a gear settings icon and a plus + icon. Click the plus sign, you will get a pop-up menu with two options through which you can create a new contact or a new contact group. See below screenshot.

create contacts groups in icloud

Select New Group and input a name for the contact group, click anywhere outside the text field to finish inputing group name. If you want to change group name, double click on it to type in a new name. You can set up different groups to manage your contacts, such as a family group for all family members, a work group, a friend group and so on. See below screenshot.

icloud contacts groups

How to add Contacts to Groups for iPhone iPad?

Also in your iCloud Contacts page, click on the All Contacts to show all your iPhone contacts synced with your Cloud account, search or find the contacts, then click and drag a contact to an exiting group and drop, the selected contact will be added to the group. See below screen capture.

add contacts to groups in icloud

To add multiple contacts to the same or different groups, repeat the above steps. You can also use Shift-click, Command-click or Control-click to select multiple contacts and add them to a group in Cloud.

Once you have created contacts group on iCloud, the change will be updated on your iPhone when you are connected to the internet. Now open Contacts app on iPhone, select Groups, you should find all contacts groups on iPhone. See below figure.

contacts groups on iphone