Create custom ringtones on iPhone for free using GarageBand

Want to get your ringtones, text tones personalized on iPhone? You can change the default ringtones on iPhone. You can download or purchase ringtones from iTunes store. If you want more free ringtones for iPhone that can show off your personality, it is better to make your own ringtones for iPhone. Just like your clothes or hair style, a personalize ringtone for cell phone is also an important way to help you stand out from the crowd. At least you will know it is your phone that rings when you at public places. Want to have your custom ringtones for iPhone now? It is easy and a lot of fun. Speaking of iPhone ringtone making, you may think of the ringtone makers on App Store or the iTunes on a computer. In earlier guides, we have already showed you how to do that. If you like, you can check them back now. See this tutorial to make free ringtones using iTunes for iPhone, and this guide to convert voice recordings to iPhone ringtones. Today, we will discuss how you can  create custom ringtones for free on iPhone using GarageBand app which is free to download and use. You can get it from App Store and start making your own ringtones now.

Make iPhone ringtones for free using GarageBand

There are mainly two steps to create a ringtone for iPhone using GarageBand. Firstly you need to record a sound or music using GarageBand on iPhone, you can also convert existing music to ringtone on iPhone. After that export your music or voice recording as ringtone from GarageBand and activate the ringtone on iPhone. We will not discuss how to make the ringtone or record the sound here. As we have this issue covered in this guide to record sound on iPhone using GarageBand. You can check out this linked article now and come back later to this post for the send and also the last step of making free ringtones for iPhone using GarageBand. Once you created a music or record voices using GarageBand, they will be saved to the My Songs page.

garageband songs management on iphone

Now we need to convert the music or audio to ringtone for iPhone. Select the audio file, then tap the Share button at the top left corner, you will bring up all options you can share or transfer the music files in GarageBand. Choose Ringtone from this screen, see below figure.

make ringtone on iphone for free using garageband

After that the “Export Ringtone” screen shows up where you can give the ringtone a name. Tap the Export button, GarageBand will converting the music or audio to ringtone for iPhone. See below figure which shows the audio file is being converting and exporting as ringtone.

export ringtone from garageband to iphone

When the ringtone export successful message pops up, a backup file of your ringtone was copied to the “File Sharing” area for GarageBand in iTunes. This can help you copy created songs from iPhone to computer. Along with that, you will also have the option to use sound as ringtones on iPhone.

garageband use ringtones on iphone

Select “Use sound as …” from this screen, you can find various options you can use the ringtones on iPhone.

activate ringtone, text tone on iphone from garageband

From above screen of GarageBand, you can set the created ringtone as standard ringtone on iPhone, set the ringtone as text tone on iPhone or assign the ringtone to contact. If you do not set the ringtone here for now. You can also go to activate ringtone on iPhone from its Settings, this is just like you can enable any custom ringtone on iPhone despite of the ringtone maker app you use. Another advantage of creating ringtone using GarageBand you may already noticed is that it can directly import ringtone to iPhone without iTunes. If you choose any other third party ringtone maker apps on iPhone to create custom ringtones, you will be forced to export the ringtone from iPhone to computer, then sync ringtone from computer to iPhone through iTunes. By using GarageBand however, you can import ringtones to iPhone without iTunes as this app is made by Apple, Apple allows you to add ringtone to iPhone without the limitation.

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  1. when u exporting to ringtone but have one message is “The song could not be export as ringtone” so how to exporting?

    1. does it happen to this specific song only? you can try to record some music or sound in Garageband, then export them as ringtone see if any update.

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