Create mobile hotspot in Windows 10

There are times when you might want to share your internet connection on your desktop or laptop with other computers, mobile phones or tablets. With Windows 10, you have different options to do that. For example, you can download and install a virtual router app for wireless network connection sharing on Windows 10 computer; you can create Wi-fi hotspot or ad-hoc network through the Microsoft classic Command Line, see this guide to create Wi-fi hotspot in windows 10. is there any easier way to do that? In the Windows 10 Anniversary Update builds, Microsoft has introduced mobile hotspot feature in the system settings along with other important features. Now you can directly enable Wi-fi hotspot under Settings. Users do not need to open the Command Prompt or use third party apps to setup mobile hotspot in Windows 10 any more.

How to setup mobile hotspot on Windows 10 PC?

Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile hotspot. Click to turn on Mobile hotspot. You should see the Network name and Network password instantly. Optionally you can click Edit to add a new network name and password. To share your computer’s internet connection from Wi-Fi with other devices, simply turn on Wi-Fi on other devices nearby, choose your computer’s mobile hotspot network name, then input the above network password to connect. You can connect up to 8 different devices to the mobile hotspot network in Windows 10 PC.
windows 10 mobile hotspot settings
You can also share internet connection via mobile hotspot when you use an Ethernet connection other than Wi-fi to connect to the web.

Set up Wi-fi hotspot on mobile phones

Smartphones like Android powered devices and iPhone also offer the mobile hotspot feature, meaning you can also choose to turn on mobile hotspot on your cellphone to share your cellular data with PC, mobile phones and tablets. For example, you can refer to following guide to setup Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot on Xiaomi Redmi phones, and the steps to setup WiFi Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.