Create workflow chart using iThoughtsX on Mac

A flow chat describes an algorithm, process or workflow. A good workflow helps people understand and follow the processes, operations, steps. In this quick work flow chart making tutorial, we will show you the quick steps to visualize a workflow and create a logic diagram on Mac.

iThoughtsX is a mindmapping tool for the Mac, iOS and Windows. It allows us to visually organize our thoughts, ideas and information. We can use this app to create all kinds of charts and diagrams too. Download the mind mapping software here before we get started.

ithoughtsx mind mapping app
ithoughtsx mind mapping app

Create workflow chart using iThoughtsX

Run iThoughtsX app on your Mac, you will see the dialog to either open an existing project or create a new one. Choose New Document to start create a workflow. You will see the chart making starts with an ellipse titled ‘central idea‘. Double click on the text to change it. For example, we are going to create a workflow to demonstrate how to cook rice. So the ‘central idea’ should be changed to ‘cook rice’. We need to make a list of what we need to prepare first, such as rice, measuring cup, water, spoon, etc. Click to select the central topic ‘cook rice’, press Tab on your keyboard to create a sub or child topic. A rectangle appears and connected to the central topic. Then manually type in ‘what i need’. Tap on Tab key to create a child topic titled ‘rice’. Press Return or Enter key on your keyboard to create a new sibling topic, then type in ‘water’. Repeat the steps to create more sibling topics and list all the things you have to prepare before cooking rice. After that go back to the central topic, press Tab on your keyboard to create child topics, type in the steps one by one, such as measure and boil water, measure and pour in rice, etc.

Create workflow chart using iThoughtsX on Mac

Customize your workflow chart

iThoughtsX offers great flexibility to customize your work flow charts. For example, you can change the color, shape, use images and icons, add notes, rich text, insert hyperlinks to websites and maps, add callouts and floating topics, add boundaries, support auto-numbering, named relationships between topic, apply predefined styles, etc.

Except above mentioned features, you can even find more advanced features below:

  • Multiple layouts (horizontal, vertical, fishbone etc.)
  • Multiple link styles (curved, tapered, right angled etc.)
  • Embedded documents (PDF, XLS, DOC etc)
  • Over 100 builtin icons and 90 clipart images.
  • Over 30 background canvas patterns (with option to import more.)
  • 10 system ‘Map Styles’ (with option to import more.)

You can save the project and resume the work anytime later. Click File menu, choose a name and location, then save it. When you finished the workflow and ready to share with others, click File menu, choose Share from the drop-down menu. You have the options to export it to MS Powerpoint/Keynote (PPTX), MS Word/Pages (DOCX), MS Project (XML), PDF, PNG, Markdown, Website (HTML + attachments), etc.

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