Crop photos into circle using Pages on Mac

Want to crop some rectangle or square photos into circle on Mac? You can achieve that with native apps on Mac, without downloading or purchasing additional software. Pages for Mac is a free word processor that comes installed on Mac. In this quick guide, we will show you the easy steps to create circular pictures on Mac with this free tool.

Create round photos using Pages

Launch Pages app to create a new Pages file on Mac or double click a Pages file in Finder on your Mac to open it in Pages. In the toolbar of Pages, you can find buttons to add various objects to your document, such as tables, charts, text, shapes, photos, etc. Click the Media button in the toolbar, choose Photos, then find and insert an image from photo library to the page. Alternatively you can drag a picture from your desktop or Finder to the document. 

Click to highlight the picture in Pages. Then click Format from the top menu bar, choose Image > Mask With Shape > Oval.

Pages mask image with oval shape on Mac

A circle appears above the picture. Press and hold the Shift key on the keyboard, and then drag the dots around the circle to resize it. Once you have included what you like to preserve in the circle, click the Done button below the image or press Return or Enter on the keyboard to crop the image to circle.

create round image, picture using Pages on Mac

Export image from Pages

Pages allows users import images and other objects to the documents. It however doesn’t allow you to export images to computer. A workaround is to select and copy the image from Pages to clipboard, then launch the Preview app on Mac, click File from the top menu bar and select New from Clipboard from the drop-down menu, finally click File > Save and follow on-screen tips to save the picture from Preview to your Mac computer.

Apply rounded corners to pictures

Once you inserted the photo to Pages document, click to select the picture, then go to Format > Image > Mask With Shape > Rounded Rectangle. And follow instructions as specified above to refine the selection and save it as a new image file with Preview app.