How to crop videos on Mac & PC computer?

Can I crop videos on computer as I can crop image files? Sometimes you may have some video recordings want to crop to get rid of unwanted section from the whole video. For example, when you firstly record a video or interview in the portrait mode using your smartphone, later you want to change the video to landscape or wide screen mode when you play it back. In this case, you can change the aspect ratio, crop videos on a Mac or PC computer. Note that video cropping is different from video trimming or cutting. When we say trim videos, we mean to cut long videos into short ones. See how to trim videos on Samsung mobile, just as an example. When you trim videos, normally you will set start and end position of the area in timeline you want to keep and delete unselected part of the source video. What you changed is mainly the video length. Video cropping is to select a certain part, the inner part, of the image or video, then crop off the rest part or outer parts. Video is a set of moving pictures. By cropping videos, you can get rid of any part of the whole image or video, for example, you can crop top, bottom, left or right section of a video. To crop a video, you mainly modify its resolution or aspect ratio, you make the source video smaller other than shorter. Video cropping can help you remove unwanted part of a video, such as cut someone out of a video. Sometimes you recorded a very good video, and it is impossible to record it again. However you don’t want someone or something to be included in your video, you can crop the video. When you are recording streaming videos from websites on computer and accidentally captured those video player borders or unnecessary parts, you can cut them off. Except that, video cropping is often used to straighten videos too.

How to crop videos on Mac & PC computer?

Get the media editor with video cropping feature below. It comes with both Windows and Mac versions, choose according to your computer OS.

Now click Add Files button from the top left corner of this video editor to find your source video clip that you like to crop and add it to the media editing program on your Mac or PC.

convert and edit videos on computer

Besides each video clip added to the video software, you can find an Edit button. Click on this button, a pop-up dialogue opens as shown in below figure. It defaults to the Trim tab from where you can trim videos on your Mac or PC computer. Switch to Adjust tab, click the Crop button, you will then see crop size on the left column, you can set it to specific pixels of the video width and height. Meanwhile a selection box appears over the video preview window, you can adjust the crop by dragging at the corners to make the crop section larger or smaller. There will be an Aspect Ratio at the lower section where you can quickly change your video to presets or profiles including 16:9, 4:3, Letterbox, Pan&Scan, Full Screen, etc.

crop video on Mac and PC computer

When you have the crop border set the exact way that you want it, click OK button to save the change and return to the main interface of this video converter. Then choose a output video format that is compatible with your target media player or device. For example you can refer to this guide to convert videos to iPhone format in just 2 steps. You can simply choose the same video format as the original file if you prefer not to transcode the source video. After that hit the Convert button to process the crop. Cropped video will be saved to the output folder of this media program, your source videos will not be changed or replaced.