How to crop videos for free on your PC?

Do you want a video to be in specific width, height, aspect ratio or limit its size to fit YouTube Cover, Instagram, Stories, Twitter posts, Facebook feed? You can crop a video to achieve that. Need to get rid of unnecessary parts, such as logo at the corner, from a video? You can also cut them off. There are many online video cropper or cutters can help. But they are always slow for big videos. What’s worse some websites limit the file size to 100MB or even less. You can also find many video editors and software can do that. Most of them however are not free. You have to pay for a license or subscribe their service. Format Factory is a freeware multimedia editor which can convert, crop, join, split, mix videos on Windows computers. Unlike other ad-supported freeware, this one has no ads. No watermark would be added to users’ videos. You can download Format Factory for Windows here before we use it to crop videos on computer below.

Crop videos using Format Factory for Windows

Launch the free media converter program on your PC. Choose Video > Crop from the left category.

Format Factory for Windows video crop tool

Choose the Crop tool and you’ll be asked to choose the source video clips to crop.

In the new window to pop up, you can preview the video, select aspect ration: None, 16:9, 9:16, 4:3, 3:4, 5:4, 4:5, 2:1, 1:2, 1:1. A red rectangle box appears above the video. Click on its center and drag to relocate the selection box, click and drag its corners to enlarge or shrink your selection. Any area outside of this selection box will be dumped, only selected part will be kept in the final video.

Optionally you can select the start and end time to trim the video to keep only the length you want and save it with the new width/height or aspect ratio. To achieve that, play the video or drag the playhead until you reach the start point, then hit the Start Time button at the bottom to select the first frame. Use the same method to select the last frame and set the End Time.

format factory for windows crop tool - output settings and file list

Click OK button to open the output settings and file list. Here you can add new files to the list to crop or cut, delete a file from the list, choose output video format, set video quality, limit output file size, change video codec, add watermark, divide video into two or more parts, change output file name, choose a different location to save the files and so on.

When you finished or don’t want to change these settings, hit the OK button to return to the main interface of the Format Factory with the Crop tool selected under Video category and the added video files listed in the task list on the right hand side. Scroll up and refer to the first screenshot above.

Finally hit the Start button to process all tasks. Wait for a while for the conversion to complete. Open the output folder to find the cropped videos in Windows File Explorer.

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