How to Securely Delete all data from Samsung Mobile?

Are you wary of giving your mobile phone to someone else, donating or selling your phone? Our smart phones save a lot of our personal data on them. In a recent article, an Android App named PowerSpy is said to be able to track your location by battery use. Unlike GPS and Wi-Fi, apps on our mobile phones do not need to ask the user’s permission in order to access battery use data. They can read the phone’s aggregate power consumption to find out the user’s location secretly. Most smart phone users would think that by deleting data on their phone, they can get rid of all sensitive files and documents on it. It might be true several years ago. Today’s technology however can help restore deleted data on mobile phones easily. If you are a Samsung Android user, you can refer to this link to recover deleted photos from Samsung mobile. This article introduced a professional Android mobile phone data recovery software which is able to scan our phone’s internal memory can extract law files and deleted data from phone. It is not only our camera files or media folders, a lot of other files can also be retrieved using this data recovery solution. For example, it can also recover deleted text messages on Samsung phone. Is it possible to securely delete all data from Samsung mobile and prevent them from being recovered? Like an old saying goes there are more solutions than problems. You can find many different solutions and software that can permanently delete data from mobile phones. Some of them can be rather challenging. Today we will recommend an easy smart phone data eraser or destroyer. It is extremely easy to use for anyone with basic computer skills. It is fast, you can quickly erase mobile phone and all personal data on it. Check out details as following.

How to Securely Delete All Data on Samsung Phones?

You need to download a mobile phone data manager for this job. We suggest Mobile Transfer which was designed to transfer, backup and restore data for mobile phones. You can also use it to erase data from mobile phones. Get it for free on to your PC or Mac computer below.

Before clearing data from Samsung phone, we recommend you to back up those important files firstly. There are different ways you can do that. The mobile transfer program can help you do that in an easier way. Refer to this step-by-step tutorial to quickly back up all content from Samsung to computer.

Step 1. Connect Samsung mobile to computer
Connect your phone to PC or Mac using the USB data cord which you use to charge your phone and transfer data between Samsung and computer.

Step 2. Delete all content from Samsung phones
Run the mobile phone transfer software, switch to the Erase old phone mode, you can then get a screen like this.
delete all data from samsung phone

Hit the Erase Now button. You will be required to type in the ‘delete’ word to confirm. Just make sure you know what you are doing to prevent unintentional data deletion.

confirm to erase content from Lenovo phone

Click Start to erase to continue deleting all files from Samsung phone, apps, music files, videos, photos, documents, contacts, SMS and so on.

erase all data saved in phone memory

After that, you will get a prompt to perform a factory data reset on your Samsung mobile so as to clear all system data and settings on your Samsung phone. You can refer to this guide to perform factory reset on Samsung galaxy S5, or this tutorial to reset Samsung Galaxy S6. The process is similar across different Samsung devices.

This mobile phone data transfer program does a lot more than merely a Samsung data eraser or Android data destroyer. It can help you easily and permanently erase all content from Samsung phones, such as Galaxy S4, S5, S6, and many others. Except Samsung, you can also use it to erase all data from Lenovo securely, delete files from LG, Motorola and many others. It works with iPhone as well. See this post to wipe all content on Lenovo phone completely. It is a fully functional data erase tool and data transfer for all kinds of smart phones.