Delete Apps from your Android Phone

For those unwanted apps on your Android device, you can delete them to free up more space. This guide explains how to deleted installed or downloaded software or applications from your Android mobile phones or tablets. Note that deleting Android app icons from phone does not uninstall Android apps themselves.

Remove Android Apps from your Smartphones

1. Open Settings on your Android mobile

For many Android based smartphones that have the menu button on the phone set, you can press the menu botton to quickly find and open the Setting on your Android phone. If you are on Samsung galaxy phones, you can also go to the Apps >> Settings.

2. Open Application Manager

Different Android phones may name this differently. On some phones, it is called Manage applications, others may named it as Application Manager, such as the Samsung galaxy phones. If you are an Samsung user, you can refer to this guide to delete apps from Application Manager on Samsung.

3. Find the Android apps

Now from the top of the screen, you should find three icons: Downloaded, Running, All.

  • Downloaded, which will list all the apps that you downloaded and installed;
  • Running, which shows all currently running apps;
  • All, that lists all the apps installed on your device.

If you have installed on your SD card on your mobile, you should see an extra icon for SD Card.Delete android apps

Browse through the Downloaded sub-menu for the app you want to delete.

4. Delete Android Apps

Tap on the app that you want to delete. A screen will appear that will give some details about the app, press the “Uninstall” button on the top right corner. The selected app will be deleted.
Delete android apps

Please note not all apps on your Android mobile can be removed. There are several apps that are part of the Android OS or those were installed by your phone’s manufacturer cannot be deleted before you root the Android phone. Basically you can only uninstall downloaded apps from your Android device. Meanwhile when you delete an App on the phone, you may lost the app data, so make sure you have backed up the important data before deleting apps on Android phones. If you accidentally deleted WhatsApp for Android and lost its data, you can refer to this guide to retrieve deleted WhatsApp chat history and files on Android phones. Better safe than sorry, it is strongly recommended to back up your WhatsApp photos and videos before deleting it on Android phone.

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