Delete App Icons Shortcuts on Android Desktop
Unlike iPhone or iPad, you can’t delete app icon from the home screen or desktop. Some Android smartphones, like Samsung Galaxy phones, allow you to delete app icons on Android desktop or home screen without uninstalling the apps. Sometimes you find some apps are not frequently used but you can’t delete it from your Android device as you still need to use it in the future and at the same time you do not want so many app icons on the home screen. With too many app icons on the home screen of your mobile, it is different to quickly find the app you like. In this guide, we will show you how to clear up your Android desktop by removing app icons from Android screen.

Important Note:
Some Android phones, such as Lenovo mobile phones, may not work like Samsung. Thus you can try below instructions on your Android phone. If you get prompted about app uninstalling other than app icon or shortcut deleting, you should cancel the operation, otherwise you may delete the apps themselves other than their icons or shortcuts.

Delete App Icons Shortcuts on Android Desktop

You can hold your finger on an app shortcut/long press an app icon on the home screen of your Android mobile or tablet, all icons will get smaller, a border will appear around the icon you pressed and you can see a trash icon displaying at the bottom right corner, just drag and drop the app shortcut from Android desktop to the trash can or waste bin.

delete app icon from desktop on Samsung Android phone

In this demo, we are using a Samsung smartphone to show you how to delete Android app icons from the phone screen or desktop. Removing app icons from your android desktop will not delete the apps from your Android device, it will only remove the shortcut not the app itself or any of its data.

Put back deleted App icons or create and send shortcuts to Android screen
Smartphones like Samsung, HTC, LG, Lenovo, can also help you put back deleted app icons or shortcuts to desktop. For example, if you are on a Samsung mobile phone, you can tap on Apps from the bottom right corner of your home screen to quickly launch the apps categories on Samsung phone, find the app you like to create a shortcut, long press on it you can then drag it to your phone home screen or any page on your phone screen.