Delete Bookmarks on iPad

Safari for mobile is definitely one of the most user friendly web browsers in the world. I have used the stock browser on Samsung mobile, Chrome for mobile, Firefox for mobile, Safari for mobile is still my favorite browser on iPhone and iPad. There are many small tips and tricks that I find are really useful, such as the reading list on iPad allow iPad users to add any web page or URL links to iPad reading list for quick access the next time without adding it to Safari bookmarks on iPad. Similar to bookmarks, you could build up a very long reading list. In an earlier guide, we showed you how to delete reading list items on iPad and iPad mini. Today, I’d like to share another useful iPad tip: deleting bookmarks on iPad.

How to Delete Safari Bookmarks on iPad?

Run Safari app from your iPad home screen. You will see a bookmark icon at the top left section of Safari browser on iPad. Tap on it to manage Safari bookmarks.
manage safari bookmarks on ipad
You will find different bookmarks categories or folders on iPad. Open the category which contains the bookmarks you want to remove from iPad. Find the bookmark, drag it from right to left, a Delete button appears. Tap on this button, you will delete the bookmark on iPad. If you enabled iCloud backup on iPad, the deleted bookmarks will be removed from iCloud backup as well when iCloud back up your data to Apple server the next time.

delete safari bookmarks on ipad

If you like to transfer iPad bookmarks to computer, you can refer to this guide to download Safari bookmarks from iCloud to computer. If you have not backed up the bookmarks anyhow, is it possible to find back deleted bookmarks on iPad? In fact, when your personal files were deleted on iOS device, the data will not be erased completely. You simply lost the path to the source data. With a professional iOS data recovery software, you will be able to retrieve deleted files. See this guide to recover deleted bookmarks on iPad iPhone.

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