Delete custom ringtones from iPhone iPad using Garageband

Can’t delete custom ringtones from iPhone or iPad? Try Garageband. Your custom ringtones made by Garagaband can’t be deleted using iTunes or other third party tools.

Make ringtones on iPhone iPad

Run Garagaband app on your iPhone or iPad. Once the Garagaband opens on your iOS device, all your songs will be listed as thumbnails. Long press on any song to select it. It doesn’t matter which one you choose here. After that then tap the Share button on the top right corner and choose Ringtone from the drop-down menu. See below screenshot.

make ringtone on iphone for free using garageband

The “Export Ringtone” screen opens. At the lower section of the ringtone export dialogue, you can tap “Your Ringtones” to find all existing ringtones you have created using Garageband on your iPhone or iPad. Hit Edit, then you should see the red minus, which you can tap to delete the custom ringtones from iPhone iPad using Garageband.

delete custom ringtones from ipad using garageband

Doing this will remove the tones from both Garageband and iPhone or iPad Settings. Alternatively you can also swipe to delete on any ringtones you don’t want anymore from the “Export ringtone” window in Garageband.

Remove other custom ringtones from iPhone iPad

Except Garageband, you can actually create custom ringtones on your computer using other audio editors and makers, then import ringtones from computer to iPhone iPad via iTunes or use a third party tool to transfer ringtones to iPhone without iTunes.

These custom ringtones can’t be removed using Garageband but iTunes. You can follow this guide to delete iPhone custom ringtones using iTunes.