Delete custom ringtones from iPhone

If you are tired of the system ringtones on iPhone, you can make your own ringtones using iTunes or other third party ringtone makers, audio editors, etc. Any media software that can convert audio to .m4r format and trim audios can help us create custom ringtones for iPhone. Send the custom ringtones to iPhone via iTunes, you can then find them from iPhone Settings > Sounds and change your ringtones on iPhone from there.

Once you install custom ringtones on iPhone, how can you remove them from your device? Today, we will use TunesGo iPhone manager to delete custom ringtones from iPhone.

Download and install this phone manager software on your PC or Mac below.

Run the iPhone manager on your computer, then connect your iPhone to computer via USB cable. Switch from Home tab to the Music tab. Select Ringtone from the left category, then all custom ringtones should be listed, see below screenshot.

delete custom ringtone iphone using tunesgo

To delete ringtones from iPhone is very straightforward, select the ringtone you do not want any more, then hit the Delete button above to remove it from your iPhone. You can select multiple ringtones to delete them at one time or repeat the above steps to delete multiple ringtones.

iPhone ringtone bonus tips

The above iPhone manager can also help you make custom ringtones for iPhone, transfer ringtones to iPhone without iTunes, backup content on iPhone and many more.

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