Delete pages from a PDF file on computer

Want to delete certain pages from a PDF document, such as a duplicated PDF page, blurry page, blank page? You can use Adobe Acrobat if you have it on your computer already. Otherwise, we suggest PDF Element. It comes with both trial and paid versions. The free version supports PDF page deletion, however the exported PDF file will be watermarked. We’ll walk you through the easy steps to select and remove any pages in a PDF file using this PDF editor tool below.

Method 1. Delete pages from PDF document under the Page mode

You can download the PDF editor from this page first. In this demo, we will use its Windows version. If you are on a Mac, you may see slight difference in appearance.

delete pdf pages using pdf element editor on windows computer

Launch the PDF editor program on your Windows PC, drag and drop the PDF file from your computer hard drive to the PDF utility. Or click File menu at the top menu bar to browse to the source PDF document and add it to the editor software. The Home tab opens by default, switch to the Page tab from the top menu bar. You can then preview all pages in the PDF file. If need, right click and choose Enlarge Page Thumbnails so you can see bigger thumbnails. You can click, Ctrl+click, Shift+click, drag and drop to select certain page(s) in the PDF page thumbnail preview window. After that hit the Delete button from the top toolbar, and click OK to confirm the page deletion.

Now click the Save button at the top left corner to save the edited PDF document. Note this will overwrite the original PDF file. Alternatively click File > Save as, choose a location and save it as a new PDF file on your computer.

Method 2. Remove PDF pages from the Page view pane

In fact, you can actually remove pages from a PDF file directly under the Home tab. Click the Page View icon on the left hand side, you can then see the page thumbnails at the left pane. Click on a page to view its content on the right box. To remove pages from a PDF document, right click on the page, choose Delete Page.

delete pdf pages on Windows pc using pdfelement pdf editor

After that you will then get a dialog window where you can choose pages you do not need and remove them from the current PDF document on your computer.

choose pages to delete in pdfelement for windows

Add, rearrange, duplicate PDF pages

When creating your PDF, you’ll typically add new pages to PDF, re-order pages in a PDF file, and delete pages from PDF file you don’t need as we specified above.

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