Delete ringtones from iPhone using iTunes

quotation markI have installed some custom ringtones on my iPhone before. Now I want to delete some of them from my iPhone. Any idea how to delete a ringtone from iPhone?

iTunes allows us to import ringtones from computer to iPhone or delete ringtones from our iOS devices. Check out following tutorial to add ringtones from PC to iPhone using iTunes. How to uninstall or remove an iPhone ringtone from the Sounds section of your iPhone’s Settings? It’s easy. In this article, we will use iTunes for Windows version 12.7 to show you how to delete custom ringtones from iPhone or iPad using iTunes on PC.

Connect iPhone or iPad to computer via USB. Run iTunes on your PC or Mac if it does not launch automatically. Click on the iOS device icon at the top left corner of iTunes. Then the iPhone or iPad Summary tab opens by default. Find and click on Tones under On My Device section in the left sidebar, a list of all the custom ringtones displays. These are all your custom ringtones you have transferred from computer to your iPhone. To manually delete a ringtone from iPhone, find the ringtone you want to delete, right click on it, then choose Delete from Library. You will get a warning in a pop-up window. Click on the Delete button, then the selected ringtone will be removed from your iPhone or iPad. This method even works with deleting multiple ringtones at a time.

delete ringtone on iphone ipad using itunes for pc

Can’t remove ringtones from iPhone using iTunes?

Connect your iPhone to the computer and run iTunes on it. In iTunes, select the Device from the top bar, then the Summary tab should opens by default. In the iPhone Settings Summary tab, scroll down to the Options section, find and check the box next to Manually manage music and videos. Click Apply button at the bottom right corner. Now you should be able to delete custom ringtones from iPhone or iPad using iTunes on PC or Mac.

Create ringtones using iTunes

You can make ringtones with your favorite music, audios, sound recordings for free using iTunes. Check out the details from this guide to make ringtones using iTunes.