Delete VPN on Samsung Mobile Phones

Many individuals use VPN to access those blocked websites. Samsung smart phones offer very good support to VPN. You can easily set up VPN on Samsung phones and use it to connect to the public network. In this article we will show you the steps to uninstall or delete VPN on Samsung galaxy phones. If you have set up multiple VPN profiles on Samsung smart phone, it is difficult to find the active one that is currently working. When your VPN does not work or expired, you can refer to following steps to delete them from your mobile phone.

How to Delete VPN from Samsung mobile phones?

The Settings app on your Samsung smart phone allow you to manage all important settings and configurations on the phone. You can set up VPN on Samsung from the Settings, you can manage, edit or remove VPN from the Settings as well. To delete VPN from Samsung mobile phone, open Settings, then choose More Settings under the Wireless & networks section, see below figure.

samsung galaxy settings

Once you selected the More settings option from above screen, you will be taken to the Wireless & networks screen with all kinds of settings concerning networks, hotspot, tethering, VPN and more. Choose VPN as shown in below screenshot.

samsung galaxy wireless and networks settings

Now the VPN management window opens on your Samsung mobile phone. You can see a list of all existing VPN profiles on the Samsung device.

manage vpn on samsung mobile phone

At the bottom of this VPN profiles list, you can see a Add VPN network option which you can add new VPN profile on the Samsung smart phone. To remove a VPN profile from the list, simply press and hold the VPN you like to uninstall, then a pop-up dialogue opens up, see below screenshot.

delete vpn on samsung mobile phone

Now you can see two options below the selected VPN profile title: Edit network and Delete network. Edit network option is to change your VPN settings on Samsung. To delete VPN on Samsung phone, simply tap on the Delete network button.

Additional Tips about VPN on Mobile Phones:

Although there are many VPN service claimed to be free, but few of them really work well and they are most likely to be free for a limited time. After the trial period, you have to pay in order to continue using the VPN service.

You can follow above steps to get rid of old or invalid VPN from all kinds of Samsung smart phones, such Samsung Galaxy S series ( Galaxy S4, S5, S6, etc.), Galaxy A series and many more Samsung phones and tablets. If you are an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch user, you can refer to this guide to remove VPN on iPhone/iPad.

4 thoughts on “Delete VPN on Samsung Mobile Phones”

  1. Anne Culverhouse

    I have tried all of above and many more but doesn’t work for me.
    I have a galexy S5 mini.
    In VPN i didn’t get the download…but put a pin no in as requested and am stuck with a permanent Always on VPN…it wwont let me do or get anywhere with it.
    I also have the annoying pin to use every time i want to use my mobile.
    I don’t know what to do…Can it be fixed?
    Please can you help me?
    Anne Culverhouse

      1. I have the same problem I believe. I tapped VPN settings and it immediately asked for PIN setup, I entered a PIN but cancelled the VPN setup. The VPN list is empty, but the PIN toggle is saved somewhere and I can’t get screen lock option to None again. A quick google search told me about clearing credentials or administrator accounts, but none of that seems to work. Any possible solutions? I have no VPN app or VPN setup, I just want to get rid of the VPN pin (if possible)

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