Disable Windows 10 from searching the Web automatically

Windows 10 comes with many new features, such as Cortana, Edge browser, new web and Windows search, touch screen support and so on. Right besides the Start button or Windows icon, you will see a search box. This feature can help you find your personal files on your PC quickly. Other than open the Windows Explorer, you can directly type in the file name and search for it using this new search feature on Windows 10. You may also noticed that when you just want to search documents on local machine, Windows 10 will also send your search terms to Microsoft’s Bing search engine and you get a list of related search terms and suggestions. Do you feel like being spied on by Microsoft? Meanwhile many Windows 10 users prefer other search engines such as Google, DuckduckGo, Yandex, Baidu, they do not like Bing, the web search through Bing on Windows 10 is unnecessary for them. Can we possibly turn off Bing web search on Windows 10 and let it search only our local files and documents on the PC?

Disable Bing search and prevent Windows 10 from searching the Web automatically

Firstly go to disable Cortana on Windows 10, as it can’t work without Bing search. Open Cortana, click the Notebook icon in its left-hand options pane, and then switch the Cortana toggle to Off.
disable cortana and bing web search windows 10
Click the “Search the web and Windows” box to bring up the search menu. Click the Settings icon and find Search online and include web results and switch the toggle to Off. Now you can see “Search Windows” other than “Search the web and Windows” besides the Windows icon or Start button. It means you have turned off search’s Web results feature in Windows 10. Also when you open the search menu, you will see a message that says “Start typing to search for apps, files, and settings”. Now when you search anything on Windows 10 PC, it looks for your personal files and documents on local computer without search the web through Bing automatically.

Microsoft added many new features in Windows 10 as we mentioned at the opening paragraph of this article. Meanwhile we find some essential features have been removed, such as the DVD playing support. You will now need to install media players to play DVD movies on Windows 10 for Free.