Disable lock screen notifications on Samsung Galaxy S7

To protect personal info and data on the phone, almost all users would set up the screen lock on their mobile phones. Check out these steps to lock Samsung S7 with a password, PIN, pattern and/or fingerprint. If you own a Samsung Galaxy phone, like Galaxy S6, S7, you may notice that any notifications you receive while your device is locked will display on your lock screen. This however could be security issue. For example, your coworkers may peek at your phone that is placed on your desk when a new email or message with sensitive content arrives. If you take the security seriously, you can change the lock screen notification settings on Samsung Galaxy mobile phones to not display notification content or any notification at all. We will use a Samsung Galaxy S7 in this demo to show you how to do this. Note that steps and screens may vary slightly if you use other Samsung phones.

Unlock your Galaxy S7 if it is locked, touch Apps at the bottom right corner of your phone screen, find and tap to launch the Settings app. From the main settings menu, scroll down until you find Lock screen and security. Tap Notifications on lock screen.

samsung galaxy s7 settings - lock screen and security - notifications on lock screen

Touch Content on lock screen, you will then see three options:

  • Show content
  • Hide content
  • Do not show notifications

Show content is enabled by default. Change it to Hide content so the notification shows who the email, message or alert is from but nothing else without actually opening up the mail, messages or other corresponding app on the phone. For better privacy, you can choose the ‘Do not show notifications‘ option, so no notification will be display when your phone screen is locked. The former option is to hide notification content only, the latter is to turn off lock screen notification completely.